DVD Review: Jubilee

This DVD is a live recording based on the songs on a joint Booth Brothers / Legacy Five / Greater Vision CD released last year. I reviewed the CD here; if you missed it when it first came out, it’s worth re-visiting  for some background on the project.

The DVD includes the ten songs from the CD and an additional song, a “Keep on the Firing Line” piano duet with Tim Parton and Gerald Wolfe.

Two of the most memorable highlights actually came from mistakes. First, Scott Fowler unplugged his guitar right as the piano duet got under way, and spontaneous comedy ensued. Second, Gerald Wolfe forgot to have Jim Brady sing his line in “Better Hurry Up” at the proper time, having him come in one chorus late. This resulted in Scott Fowler not singing his line at all. When Fowler mentioned this after the song, Greater Vision started into an a capella encore to get it done right; Tim Parton caught up on the piano and picked up the beat within a few bars of music. Sometimes the best way to recover from a mistake is to keep the camera rolling, and the brilliant recoveries more than saved the day—they made it.

Most of the live performances closely match the CD recording; one unexpected highlight was “Jesus is Coming,” featuring the Booth Brothers with Glenn Dustin. On the CD, it brought the words “slow ballad” to mind; live, a “big ballad” that brought a rousing standing ovation.

The extras are a fun snapshot of the members’ families at the time of the taping, mentioning current interests of the children. Legacy Five’s a capella rendition of the old Blackwood Brothers classic “Rolling, Riding, Rocking” (while in a boat) is a delightful highlight of the extras.

The hand-held shots in the boat were sometimes distracting—a good rule of thumb in film work is that if you have a shot that has the viewer’s mind on the camera instead of the subject, you’ve missed the purpose. But the excellent cinematography in the main program more than made up for that. The lighting, camera positions, and angle choices easily made this one of the best non-Gaither Southern Gospel videos in recent years. The post-production was also excellent; either the lighting was exceptional or there was some well-done color correction (so shots from different angles match). Whatever the procedures used to arrive there, though, this video has some of the best image quality from a technical standpoint seen in recent years, and is a pleasure to watch.

Rating: 5 stars.Review copy provided. ♦ Song list:  The Happy Jubilee; Come Unto Me; He Pilots My Ship; I Can Hardly Wait; In the Sweet By and By; Someone Who Cares; Keep on the Firing Line; Better Hurry Up; Life Will Be Sweeter Someday; Jesus is Coming; Jesus Will Hear Me When I Pray.

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  1. I notice this cd didn’t get a rating. Was it that bad? lol
    We really enjoyed it and enjoy the dvd also.

  2. I meant the dvd didn’t get a rating. It’s early Monday morning.

    • Yes, it sure was! Because there was a rating, I just forgot to add it. 🙂

  3. Great review, Daniel!! I love that video 😀 You’re right, the part where Fowler accidentally unplugged his bass guitar! Then Scott Howard said “That was an act of God right there!” TOO funny! Something they did at the Jubilee Premiere concerts that I wished they would have reenacted for the DVD was when Fowler told Gerald to play a song with Tim, he and Gerald had an argument about not wanting to share the piano and there not being enough keys for the two of them… then Tim told Gerald he would get him a piano of his own and he brought out a tiny “charley brown” piano!! It was priceless!

    Do you think you are going to do a review of the “Remember The Music” DVD? That is possibly the best DVD of the decade!(imo 😉 )

    Again, GREAT review!!