Jodi Hosterman to join Inspirations

Inspirations tenor Dallas Rogers is stepping down, and I’m hearing that former Kingdom Heirs / Skyline Boys tenor Jodi Hosterman has been selected to take his place.

The Inspirations are working on their next project, and the change is in time for Jodi’s vocals to be on the new release.

Jodi’s vocals will be quite a change of pace for the group, and it will be fascinating to watch how this change is received. Jodi is an excellent vocalist, though, and should do well.

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  1. That is a definite shocker but I firmly believe that Jodi can handle anything when it comes to Southern Gospel. It is surprising because I am with Brian, I thought that Dallas would be there for a long time. I don’t know what happened but I know that God works all things together for good to those who love Him.

  2. Here’s hoping Hiding Hosterman handles harmony happily.

  3. I will be seeing the Inspirations in Tyler, TX next weekend. This makes me wonder if Dallas or Jodi will be there that night?

    Also; who is Hiding Hosterman? (as in “former Kingdom Heirs / Skyline Boys tenor Hiding Hosterman”) 😀

    • Gotta love smartphone autocorrect! It thinks it’s smarter than you are!

  4. Wow…OK…

    I gotta say I’m disappointed, not because of Hosterman, who as you say, is very good. But I pictured Rogers manning that tenor spot for a long time. I hope everything’s OK.

  5. @natesings
    That is an unfair statement toward Dallas. We don’t know why he left. It could be for health reasons. History does show us that he has not stayed in the same quartet for several years but it is unfair to assume the worst.

    • Who assumed the worst? Actually I didn’t assume anything. I just stated the same thing you did. “History does show us that he has not stayed in the same quartet…”
      In the past several years he has sung with 6 different groups (Toney Brothers, Heirline, Journeymen Quartet, Dixie Echoes, Cross for Crowns, Inspirations)…yet I am being unfair? Just stating a fact. If I jumped jobs that many times you can say the same thing about me. I don’t know the reason he left nor do I need to know or care. Just stating a fact that it shouldn’t be surprised he didn’t make a career with The Inspirations.

  6. Dallas hasn’t stayed anywhere for too long of a time so there isn’t much surprise really.

    • I agree. I was actually surprised that he stayed as long as he did.

  7. I, for one am very surprised as Dallas had just last year bought a house closer to the Inspirations and I had the impression talking to him that he planned on being there for a long time.

  8. This blows me away — not only because I didn’t think Dallas would be leaving for a long time but also because the style just doesn’t seem to fit Jodi. Daniel, do you know when the changes will take place? I didn’t see a press release anywhere.

    • Jodi is very versatile. He went from Kevin Spencer and Friends to the Kingdom Heirs. Anybody that can sing tenor above Arthur Rice can say they are really doing something! Arthur is one of the most amazing singers in the music industry. David Ragan is a very high lead singer as well so I think Jodi will not have any trouble with the range but blending with the style of the Inspirations is going to be a challenge but a challenge that I think Jodi can handle. I believe everybody will be surprised. Great post Daniel!

    • Either last weekend or this next weekend is Dallas’s last.

      There isn’t a link anywhere else since I was the first with the story. But it has been confirmed by a number of reliable sources. 😉

  9. I think it is unfair to state insinuate that Dallas does not stay with any one quartet very long. We do not know what the circumstances are surrounding the departure. We can only pray that God’s will be done. I know that Jodi can sing the phone book and it be awesome. Jodi is a superb Christian man and I am looking forward to hearing the new lineup.

    • “I think it is unfair to insinuate” not “state insinuate”

  10. I hate to see Dallas leave, but Hosterman will certainly present a change to the Inspirations that will make them continue to be unique, though different from any sound they’ve had before.

  11. Whoa, this post will get comments!!

    Jodi is a brilliant vocalist. I have a hard time imagining him with the Inspirations, but maybe that’s what they needed in the post-Archie era – someone totally different? Don’t know, just thinking out loud.

    Anyway, glad to see Jodi back at the forefront of SG.

    • Speaking of comments: Your comment was the 13,000th approved comment here. 🙂

      • What are the odds? 10,000th comment and 13,000th??

        BTW, You know you’re good when you know before the singer does that he’s joining a group. 😀

        Congrats on being at the forefront of these huge changes taking place. That separates your site from the others.

  12. And the changes for 2010 begin….I agree with all the post here. I definitely thought Dallas was around for the long haul. Although Jodi may be a really good singer to some, his voice just doesn’t seem to fit in my mind anyway. Time will tell.

  13. Apparently Dallas is leaving to spend more time with his family according to the Inspirations’ Facebook page.

  14. “Dallas is leaving to spend more time with his family…” How many times has a singer come off the road with this reason and then resurfaced several years later with another group? From what I can see, it happens all the time. Can we say, once a singer, always a singer? 🙂

  15. I agree with Jodi that everyone needs to go easy on Dallas. There are always circumstances in play that all of us (fans) do not know or even understand. I commend Dallas for wanting to spend more time with his family. Dallas is a wonderful Christian man and I consider him in the highest regard. I enjoyed him with Cross 4 Crowns and with The Inspirations. He is an all around great guy whose dream was to sing tenor for The Inspirations. It has always been his dream so for him to leave tells me that God’s hand was in it. Sometimes “WE” want and “WE” need but in the grand scheme of things, it is only what HE wants. We are to follow His will no matter what. HE knows what is best for us but so many times, we try to “help” Him along. Jodi, I know that you will be a great addition to The Inspirations. You are and have always been one of the best tenor singers in gospel music. The most impressive thing to me about you, Jodi, is your life. You live exactly what you sing. It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the last year and I consider you to be one of the finest men that I know. God bless you and all of you that have posted. I just think we need to pray for The Inspirations and also The Skyline Boys that God’s will might be done with their ministry. There is no telling how many lives have been changed because of these two ministries. The devil will try to use everything to bring down God’s work. Our human curiosity is one of the worst tools that he uses.

  16. I have to congratulate you on your “scoop” Daniel. It seems that you knew before I did LOL. I would encourage folks to go easy on the Dallas situation. What he is doing is an honorable thing and it should be left at that. For myself, I am honored to be given this opportunity. The Inspirations have a reputation that is above reproach and I look forward to the music we will create together.

    • I for one am not trying to be hard on Dallas…he did a great job with the group. The only thing has been that he hasn’t stayed with any very long. Could lead to quartet managers passing him up in the future.

    • Thanks!

      Basically, what happened is: Starting at some point on Sunday, people started emailing me with the news. I believe I was in touch with at least 5 unrelated sources before putting it up!

      That out of the way . . . I’m a huge Inpsirations fan, and probably everyone was emailing me because I have this reputation as the blogger who likes the Inspirations. Can’t wait to hear the new CD!

  17. Just a couple of general observations:

    1) Stating facts about someone’s previous stints does not equate to throwing him under the bus. If he’s never stayed anywhere long, then he’s never stayed anywhere long – for whatever the reasons. If you want to get upset with someone pointing that out, fine – but the facts that no one knows the circumstances or that Dallas is a fine, Christian fellow is really irrelevent.

    2) Time will tell if he’s truly wanting to spend more time with his family. If he joins another professional group, then we’ll know what wasn’t the case. Anyone who knows how Archie and The Insps operate knows that their singers have it as well as anyone out there. They usually leave on a Wed or Thu and are often back home for church with their families on Sunday morning. I work a 40 hour a week job and sing regionally on the weekends, so I’d love to have that schedule and be able to provide a living for my family, too.

    3) Regardless of the “rest of the story” if there even is one, The Insps need our prayers. There’s nothing harder than losing an anchor member in a group such as theirs and trying to win over old fans with a new lineup. To the hard-nosed “fans”, The Insps will never be The Insps without Archie. I know this because I have promoted them and had my ticket sales affected by little old ladies that told me that themselves. I think it’s pitiful that people can’t accept change and continue to offer the ministry their full support. If they can’t, then they were never a true fan to begin with, in my opinion.

    • Sorry….”how MARTIN and the Insps operate”

    • Amen. Amen. Amen.

    • Well said Robert!

  18. I am one of those who thought Dallas fit great vocally with the Inspirations and I thought they sounded fantastic as of late. I admire Dallas for laying aside his musical pursuits and doing what he feels is best for his family at this time, and he should be applauded for that.

    The Inspirations have always had a unique sound with Archie Watkins, but you know what? When the Inspirations’ first single came out post-Watkins, I still recognized the group. I knew it was the Inspirations. I am approaching Jodi’s entrance to the group with that same idea. Yes, the vocal sound may be somewhat different, but I’m pretty sure with Mike Holcomb still on bass and the other parts blending in that style that is uniquely their own, we’re still going to know it’s the Inspirations.

    When Greater Vision released their Quartets project, I was so surprised at how different some of the bass singers sounded with Greater Vision than they did with their respective groups. So whether or not someone thinks Jodi’s voice will or won’t fit with the I’s certainly can’t be determined until we actually hear him with them. And I’m excited to hear what happens.

    In the meantime, all these groups who are undergoing changes have my support and prayers. It’s obviously a tough industry to be in, not just having to go off and leave family every week but also financially. It’s not always just so easy to pick up another singer and go on. Promoters and pastors view change as instability a lot of the time, and they shy away from booking the groups because of the perceived inconsistencies a personnel change creates. In the case of big names like Inspirations and Greater Vision, this won’t be a problem, but in lesser known groups it happens all the time. It’s much like regropuing and starting over. I love this thing we call southern gospel and want it to continue to be a blessing years and years down the road, so my resolve today is to pray for its people now more than ever, because we need the Good News to continue being spread as far and wide as we can.

  19. I heard The Inspirations this past Sunday morning in Weatherford, TX. I had no idea that Dallas had left the group. My heart went out to Jodi, who only had 4 days to learn and perform the music. I can tel you that after Jodi settled in, he blended very well! I think with the younger lead and baritone, a new, fresh sound will emerge. The uniqueness of the group, in my opinion, is their style and song selection. It’s the old fashion southern gospel sang by younger voices, and they sounded GREAT, Sunday morning!

  20. I was very pleased to here that Jodi had joined The Inspirations. Jodi has always been a great vocalist and a great man. He has been my favorite tenor since he started with Perfect Heart. He is a great family man and has a wonderful family. Jodi you are living the dream that a lot of us cannot live and I am so happy for you and your family. Keep up the great work. I wish you nothing but success !

  21. I just wanted to say that we absolutely LOVE the Inspirations. We’ve been fans for many, many years, and although no one will ever completely take Archie’s place, Dallas did a wonderful job of coming close! We didn’t know he had left the group, until the Inspirations walked on stage at Singing in the Sun in Myrtle Beach on April 23rd. We missed Dallas, but I am so happy to say that we were so impressed with Jodi. We weren’t familiar with him at all from the other groups he has sang with, so he was completely new to us. I find it interesting to note that the thing we talked about after leaving the show that night was Jodi’s humble, sweet spirit. There was a point in the show that it didn’t seem clear to him of what his next step was to be, and there was a split-second that was awkward and our hearts went out to him. God was so good to come on the scene, and it was just wonderful to see how quickly He blessed Jodi to recover, and he did it in a very humble, yet professional way. We feel that he is a great asset to this wonderful, anointed group who has blessed our lives for so many years. May God bless you, Jodi. We trust you will always stay as sincere and humble as you are now. God is with you!

  22. i heard the Insp. twice this past weekend, and i have to say Jodi is blending perfectly with the group. No hes not Archie, no one is but Jodi is a keeper.

  23. I just have to stick up for Dallas a little bit! Just to give you a little background [minor edit for privacy reasons]. Dallas is a WONDERFUL man. Sometimes we focus too much on being too hard on others and forget to have compassion. We have to stop and think that maybe he has went through a lot in the last few years. Dallas was with the Toney Brothers for two years when he first started out his career and yes I do agree since then he has jumped around from group to group but he has had a lot going on. Sometimes people have to find themselves and it is hard with everyone watching and being critical of your every move. Dallas is an amazing person… I know first hand. I completely respect his decisions to make the changes that he needs to make from time to time. I know that Dallas feels like he is making the best decision for him and his family. I just wanted to “put my two cents in” and thought someone that knew Dallas as I did should say something! God Bless


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