Greater Vision posts preview of next radio single

There has been more buzz (especially on the Singing News Forums) over Greater Vision’s next radio single than over any other GV single in recent memory. The song is “It Means What it Says,” and is found on their next project, Everyday People (coming out NQC week).

They’ve posted a clip of the song here, for anyone who is curious what the buzz is all about. [EDIT, 6/4/12: Broken link removed.]

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  1. I heard this song performed live last week-end. After the first chorus was done, the crowd literally erupted into applause and cheers. It was written by Rodney after hearing Gerald comment about a preacher who had apparently said some non-scriptural things. Gerald, of course, set the song up very well, and it was delivered with conviction. I enjoyed the song and it should do well for them.

  2. I love this group. In fact, they’re one of about three performers that I purchase product from sight unseen. Having heard the mp3 samples, however, I’m not sure this will be a must-have for my collection. Their last few CDs have been beautifully orchestrated, which means you can hide a lot of vocal stacks in the mix. Stripped down, short of effects and panning, there’s little that can be done, leaving those heavy vibrato-laden stacks out there in front. I’m hoping the final mix will be better, and will be comparable to On A Journey and The King Came Down in production quality. Gerald’s definitely proven he has the chops to make it happen.

  3. Heard them sing it live last night in Benton AR…it is a winner…an “in your face” doctrinal statement in classic RG “stomp and romp” style!…and yeh, the sedate crowd where I heard it erupted with a shout as they went into the first chorus. As we say down south: It’s a gud’un!

    I’ll blog on the GV event and my conversation with GW a little later today…@ (EDIT 8/6/11: Broken link removed).

    Thanks…Paul Jackson / The Prophets

  4. I’ve not had a chance to hear any of these new songs live as of yet. However, I love the sound of this CD. It reminds me of the early GV days without all the orchestration. Not that the orch. is bad, just sometimes overwhelms the songs themselves. The CD cover is great as well. A class act all the way. I don’t usually get excited these days about the release of a new SG CD, but this one is different. I can’t wait to get a copy of it.

  5. I heard GV do this song on Saturday night… it is a really great song. I wish I had a full recording of it already for it was worth more than one listen! The crowd there in Silsbee gave it a hearty applause when it was over and got the biggest “AMEN!” of the night from everyone.

    I, myself, have never really big a huge GV fan (no hit to their obvious talent!!!)… but after hearing that song I liked them just a little more… we even bought a CD! 🙂