Jacob Kitson to leave Greater Vision

Jacob Kitson will be leaving Greater Vision to pursue a singing and preaching ministry. In an open letter posted on Greater Vision’s website: [EDIT, 6/5/12: Broken link removed.]

I do know that the Lord has led me to a preaching ministry as well as singing. So with this, I plunge back into the world of Local-Church Evangelism, which includes preaching in revivals, churches, and conferences across the country. I have an immense burden for the youth of our world. They need Jesus, and I desire to show this generation that He loves them beyond measure. Now I would be remiss if I all together neglected the singing gift that God has bestowed to my family and me! Another record with my family and solo record is in the works. We have launched our websites, evangelistjacobkitson.com and Kitsonmusicministries.com. There you can join our e-mail newsletter and find out the latest on the progress of these recordings. I am thankful for the support that has already began to pour in from friends across the land. I appreciate your prayers and support going forward. I will begin traveling as soon as Greater Vision has a man in the saddle! The Kitson’s will begin singing this summer with the release of our new project.

The websites do not appear to be live as of 8:00 this morning, but they undoubtedly will be up soon.

He added:

As for my time with Greater Vision, it has been a journey that has come to an end too soon. For me it has been filled with joy, and I thought I could stay there forever! Being allowed to use my talent for God in such an honored position beside two of the industry’s most respected men has been a thrill, but unexpected turns in the course of the Lord’s master planning sometimes come. The key to staying in touch with God’s will is being able to obey that direction.

As Kitson mentioned, he will stay with Greater Vision until a replacement is selected. And like Greater Vision’s other personnel changes, they are handling this one with class. Gerald Wolfe stated: “Jacob is one of the most talented people I’ve ever traveled with, and we want to do all we can to help him reach his full potential in the work God has called him to.”

Rodney Griffin added: “Jacob has a great heart for the Lord, and I have the utmost confidence that he will succeed in his future ministry.”

Greater Vision plans to announce their new tenor next week.

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  1. Ah, the Southern Gospel dance, known as the Tenor Shuffle, ensues!

    • Always seems to be a lot of movement in the tenor position…no matter what group, huh?

  2. Could Dallas Rogers be Greater Vision’s next Tenor?

    • Dallas Rogers? NOT for GV…

  3. There is always the possibility that he simply didn’t fit the group musically or socially. Or maybe he truly felt called to preach. But either way, glad to hear he’s continuing in the ministry. I’m not very familiar with Dallas Rogers, but from what I hear, I’m not sure if he’s the voice GV is looking for. My money is on a sleeper pick as a replacement.

  4. Whoa …… Not good news.

    However, if they can handle it as well this time as the last time, I guess we can’t complain.

    Thanks for keeping us up on stuff like this, Daniel!

  5. Singers move as much as preachers! 😉

    • Ha. Funny, but true.

  6. Could it be that Jason may be coming back?? That announcement would not shock me.

  7. I know Jacob personally and traveled with him all throughout college. It had nothing to do with him fitting in socially or musically. He is one of the best singers, but he’s an even better preacher! He has always had a burdon to preach. He experienced his dream of singing southern gospel, now he is fulfilling gods perfect will!

  8. I miss Baby boy Kitson singing with Tribute Quartet.I pray That God sends him back on the road with Tribute. It is just not hte same without you. Ann

  9. With sooo many groups needing a high tenor, why doesn;someone pick up Jake? [edit] He surely is missed.


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