Hall of Fame inductees announced

The Southern Gospel Music Association has announced their 2010 Hall of Fame inductees. There are six this year—Connie Hopper, Little Jan Buckner-Goff, Bill Hefner, Danny Gaither, Arthur Smith, and Sam Goodman.

Interestingly, the petition I mentioned last October to induct Sam Goodman evidently worked. Perhaps there just aren’t that many people who cast votes in the process, but however many votes it took, it was enough. Congratulations to Ritchie Hartsfield on a successful campaign.

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  1. Arthur Smith is still living! Talked to him today.

    • OOPS! I cannot believe I made that mistake!

      I just edited the story. Thanks for the catch, McCray – Sorry about that (and apologies to Arthur as well!)

  2. Thanks, Daniel! Truthfully, I did little to make this happen. I am just happy Sam is finally going to find his place next to his family, where he belongs. Thank you for posting the original story. Every little bit helped.
    Sam Goodman, Class of 2010!

  3. What wonderful people that have earned this honor!

  4. Thanks, Daniel! Truthfully, I did little to get this done, I am just happy he is going where he belongs. Thanks again for posting the story back in October. Every little bit helped!
    Sam Goodman Hall of Fame Class of 2010!!!

  5. I think Richie would appreciate it, Daniel, but believe that he would truthfully feel that he did little to make this happen. I think he would be happy Sam is finally going to find his place next to his family (where he belongs) and would appreciate your posting the original story because every little bit helped. 😉

  6. Funny. Sort of. 🙂

    • Sorry for the double post. I was sure I didn’t hit send on the first one. In any case, you can’t say I’m not thankful!

      • I was just having fun. I am sure most of us have done that before. Just some silliness on my part. 😀

  7. Better to say it twice than not say it at all!

  8. What a great group of people . Congrats to all .. And may I say a special one to one of my gospel music heros down through the years Little Jan ….