God’s Will

Apropos of no one specific situation:

Sometimes it can be God’s will for someone to sing with a group for only one or two years.

Put another way, just because a singer left a group after one or two years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that (a) they were out of God’s will in leaving or (b) that they were out of God’s will in going in the first place.

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  1. I wrote various possible ways how on a post on averyfineline. There were a few more that I never got into. That isn’t to say some people don’t do their own will or misunderstand God’s, but I don’t agree with J.D’s old idea that God doesn’t break up good groups. I wonder if he felt that God was behind his leaving the Sunshine Boys and Blackwoods, or if he felt it was because he wanted to.

    • And who’s to say what constitutes good?

      🙂 I think the greater blame (for lack of a better word) would go on personalities.
      One reason why family groups normally work, is because they live together and know how to get along – – now, take 5 guys, all from different familes, tastes, likes & dislikes, etc. and it sometimes doesn’t always mesh.

      At least that’s how I see it.

  2. God Leads Us Along…sometimes, I think that WE think we’re at our “final” destination (other than being Home, of course), but He has other plans for us. He sees the big picture – we see snippets of it. Only He knows how the pieces fit together for His purpose.

    Six months…two years…ten years…they’re all a drop in the bucket compared to eternity, anyway!

  3. i have noticed over the years that most of the seasoned singers (many years worth) don’t say a whole lot about God putting this group together. perfect heart was one, danny was all over it, but jeff didn’t say anything when he was asked. Never heard much from reece, riley, rex. maybe these older ones knew something we don’t. that God …………?

    • … doesn’t really care??

      Remember, the Book says whatever your hands find to do, do it unto the Lord… I’m not so sure that God is out messing with singin’ groups. ???

      I think we give God credit for doing a lot of things that God had nothing to do with.

  4. I agree, Daniel. If I’m not mistaken, Jesus actual ministry on this earth lasted just three years. And I’d say He pretty much accomplished all He needed to do in that short period of time. So who’s to say how long a person should stay with a group to be successful or effective? Length of time obviously is no indicator of success, effectiveness or whether or not a person is in God’s will.

  5. Good point, Brady.