Deleting Links Page

I am constantly looking for ways to improve this site’s usability. A recent request to add a link to my links page has prompted the thought that a static links page is not all that useful. So I will be deleting that page.

It’s not like I am going to be stingy with links, only receiving them and not reciprocating. Every week, I have linked and will continue to link to other sites that prompt the week’s posts.

So whether you’re a fellow blogger, an artist, or someone else who would like a link, here’s how to get a link from this site: Produce content so compelling that I cannot help but write about it. When I do that, I’ll throw a link in as a bonus.

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3 Letters to the Editor

Southern Gospel Journal welcomes letters to the editor. We will post the most thoughtful and insightful submissions. Ground rules: Don't attack or belittle groups or fellow posters, or advance heresies rejected by orthodox Christianity. Do keep comments positive, constructive, and on topic.
  1. That sounds like an interesting challenge. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

  2. I pretty much agree with your policy. I only have a few permanent links. One is reciprocal, but it gets an ad for my book on another site which theoretically leads to sales.

    Another is to SGHistory, but of course, that’s also a site that I own.

    You might consider linking to other sites you own…maybe you do, but it’s not immediately obvious. I couldn’t see a link to SGForums or SGConcerts, for example. I’d think you’d want to do some basic cross promotion.

    Otherwise, you and I take the same approach. If I see something compelling, I’ll write about it.

    • Actually, even though I own the sgconcerts domain, it’s now Dinana’s site. I will say this, though—my frequent links to her site have nothing to do with the fact that I own the domain—it’s that she posts videos and reviews nobody else gets!