If You Knew Him

I hope you’ve all had a great Resurrection Sunday!

All across the world, musically inclined church members sang special musics about the Resurrection this morning. One church on the West Coast had Philip Batton and Liberty Quartet’s Jordan Cragun and Keith Waggoner singing “If You Knew Him.” Here is the result:

This incredible rendition rivals the original. Jordan Cragun, who has the feature, has really grown as a vocalist since joining Liberty Quartet about a year ago; there is new richness and fullness in his delivery. Batton and Waggoner are both tenors; Batton is singing a baritone part through most of the song, until after the second chorus. At that point, Waggoner jumps to lead, Cragun moves down to baritone, and Batton sings the tenor through the high power ending.

This is too good to miss. Watch it!

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  1. Daniel, you made my day. Philip Batton is a good friend of mine and a top notch tenor singer. Once the word gets out on him, he’ll be getting offers from the big guns.
    He has an excellent voice, as do Keith and Jordan. Great video. Thanks.

    • I’m thrilled that I made your day!

      If Keith ever wants to sing baritone, he’s not a bad baritone, either. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just a note to the person whose negative comment I just deleted:

    (1) I delete negative comments on this site. If a comment has something constructive, I consider it, though.

    (2) I consider the original rendition of “If You Knew Him” to definitely be close to the best song of 2009โ€”and possibly be the best. And the Perrys know I love them and their music.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  4. i play in a gospel group and i am trying to get the chords to if you knew him

    • I would suggest contacting Joseph Habedank and/or the Perrys at http://www.perrysministries.com. It is against copyright law for someone else to post them here.

      • It is unlawful for someone to post a chord progression?

      • Probably, since that is, in effect, posting a portion of the copyrighted music.

      • Jordan, I don’t know that chords are copywritten (as long as lyrics or melody aren’t put here), however you can legally purchase the song here:


        However, someone said there that it doesn’t include the bridge (He Lives).
        Also, although you can change the key here, I am uncertain if it has any key changes or if the chords match the recording.

      • I am not a copyright lawyer, but doubt that the chordal progressions themselves are copyrighted. If so, song writers use others’ progressions everyday unauthorized.

      • Jordan – copying a few chords from a song may be fair use. However, if you’re copying the entire chord progression from the whole song, then that would most certainly be a copyright violation. It’s important to make that distinction.