Open Thread #1

With my speaking schedule picking up over the next few months–not a bad thing–my Saturdays are getting steadily busier. To help ease my load, I’m thinking of introducing the “open thread” as a new weekly feature.

Here’s the idea: I start an open thread each Saturday and throw out an introductory question to get the discussion started each weekend. But you take it from there; switch topics and discuss any Southern Gospel topic you like as soon as you feel like it (provided it’s not libel or a nasty personal attack). This won’t always be in place of a Saturday post. Whenever I have a good idea for a Saturday post, I’ll post that, too. But having this here each weekend will let me take the weekends off when I need to.

With all of that in mind, here’s a question to get us started:

Should I implement this idea?

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  1. I love it over at Avery, so more than one site with it would be great!

    Aaron Swain

  2. Why not? Sounds like a good idea.
    I’d be much more likely to participate here than there, due to the fact that I’m just a little more comfortable with that atmosphere here.

  3. Thanks, JLS! I do my best with the moderation here. I get a lot of the same types of comments Averyfineline gets, but I don’t approve the worst sort.

  4. Here’s a couple of questions / topics to talk about. One, has SG concert attendance gone down since the 90s? I remember the Ray Flynn concert in NC used to bring in 17,000 people. I’ve heard it only brings 4,000 now. I’ve also heard Gaither’s event in NC does not draw as many. So, is there a decline in attendance across the board? Or, is it certain regions. If so, what is the problem? Also, do you think the SG market is oversaturated? Or, does it have anything to do with church people turning more to other forms of gospel music or events (contemporay, rock gospel, so on.)?

    Here’s another topic: From an artist’s point of view (regardless of local, regional, or professional status) what need is the hardest to meet? For instance, booking, booking agency, video recording, recording, record deal, radio promotion, duplication, etc.

    I’m very curious about what is going on in SG concerning these two areas. I would love to hear feedback and opinion on these subjects.

  5. Yes, implement it. I like the idea! I would participate.