More on Palin’s NQC Appearance

The story about Sarah Palin’s upcoming NQC appearance broke last night, with word that we could expect more details today.

They have started coming in. The Hoppers’ email newsletter clarified that this will be in an afternoon showcase:

Governor Palin will serve as the keynote speaker during an hour-long event on Thursday, September 16, beginning at 2:00pm in Louisville’s Freedom Hall, located on the grounds of the Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. Palin will speak for 30 minutes and then spend 30 minutes conducting a question and answer session with attendees. Admission to the session featuring Palin will be included with the Thursday Showcase ticket package offered by the National Quartet Convention. Attendees who purchase a ticket for the Thursday event on the NQC website ( may submit a question to ask during the session. According to NQC Executive Vice President Clarke Beasley, if the question is selected, the person submitting the question will be recognized during the session.

“We are delighted to be able to present Governor Palin to our NQC attendees,” Beasley stated. “She is an inspiration to so many, and she is doing many conferences throughout the nation where she focuses on what her Christian faith and her family means to her. Those are the type of topics she will address at the NQC. We are thrilled to host her.”

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  1. Interesting that they keep referring to her as “Governor Palin”, even though she’s not a governor anymore. She quit as governor of Alaska.

    • That is actually standard operating procedure. Once someone has held an office, they are typically addressed as “Governor” so and so, or “Senator” so and so for the rest of their life. (It’s based on the highest office they’ve held.)

      • Even if they quit on the job?

      • Actually, yeah. Nixon was addressed as President Nixon to his dying day. As in, you walk up to shake his hand, and say, “Nice to meet you, President Nixon.” I think that’s actually specified etiquette.

        Ditto for ex-military officers—a retired admiral, say, is addressed as admiral for the remainder of his life, e.g., Admiral Kimmel.

  2. Upon reading the last paragraph of this post, it occurs to me that the NQC could have probably gotten someone like Anne Graham Lotz and accomplished the same type of afternoon with a lot less controversy and speculation.

    And for what it’s worth, just for a woman speaker, you have to look hard to find someone better than the likes of Peg McKamey, Connie Hopper, or songwriters Dianne Wilkinson and Kyla Rowland. I may possibly get much more out of hearing one of them speak.

    • I would totally love to hear Dianne or Kyla talk for an hour!

  3. That’s great. I will be interested to see what she has to say and see if she answers some tough questions or just keeps things nice and simple. Maybe it will attract some new people to NQC!

    • I’m not sure that I understand why everyone is saying that it will draw more people to NQC. Maybe I’m just dense…but I don’t see people who have no affection or feeling for SG music coming for a 1-hour speech. Someone enlighten me…I really don’t see it.

      • Ghopper – it’s pretty simple. Sarah Palin draws crowds.

        Huge crowds.

        Paying crowds.

        All across the country!

        People will pay to hear just her, even just for an hour.

      • So is it a money grab? If people are coming just for the speech and leaving, how does that benefit the groups other than more dollars in the coffers?

  4. Everyone is talking about NQC! I think NQC has already accomplished what they wanted to do and she hasn’t even spoken yet.:)

  5. After the update was posted, the question to ask is whether Governor Palin will draw more people than the Gaither/Haase showcase drew last year.

    She will draw people who have never attended NQC. That is probably a win for NQC.

    If this goes well for NQC, maybe they’ll have someone like Robert Duvall or John Grisham speak next year. Either one has about as much to do with Southern Gospel as Sarah Palin! :o)

  6. Robert Duvall has a lot more to do with SG. He’s even sung Gospel Music in at least one of his movies and the GVB was on the soundtrack. He’s a Republican, too.

  7. the afternoon showcase will be packed. I bought my tickets for just that reason.$20. a pop. They will have to hold it in freedom Hall as there will be people from all over who will have to pay $20. to see her–and they will. And not all SG fans. Maybe we can convert a few of them (to SG music) or to the Lord.

    • My only concern is this…if folks buy a ticket for the “showcase” alone, then they are allowed in for just that showcase. They are not hearing or seeing any SG music at all.

      • The Thursday Showcases include more than just the Palin speech. There are two more showcases in Freedom Hall on Thursday afternoon, plus three showcases in the East Wing. All the info is online: