Chris Allman returns to Greater Vision

Greater Vision’s original tenor, Chris Allman, is returning to the group.

A press release is forthcoming.

Update (9:06 PM): Greater Vision’s original tenor, Chris Allman, is returning to the group, effective April 21. He sang with the group from its start in December 1990 through the end of 1995.


“I can’t tell you how excited we are that Chris has chosen to come back on the road. I’ve always said he’s one of the greatest tenors I’ve ever heard, and his passion to share the Gospel is absolutely contagious.” ā€” Gerald Wolfe.

“We feel very blessed to have the opportunity to travel with Chris again. We’ve kept our friendships strong over the last fifteen years, while he’s been involved in another ministry, so having him back on the bus brings us full circle.” ā€” Rodney Griffin

“To say that I am thrilled about the opportunity to travel and minister with Gerald and Rodney again would be an understatement. Over the past twenty years, my family and I have sincerely sought God in regards to His perfect will for us and, at times, this is a path that seems to be indefinable. I am very careful when it comes to mentioning the Lord synonymously with a decision I am making but I am sure that this is a door that He has opened to us.” ā€” Chris Allman

Allman also requested prayer for the church he has pastored for the last seven years, The Church @ Burlington: “The days ahead will find the leadership there making very important decisions, but as their ears are tuned toward Heaven, Iā€™m sure the way will be made clear for them.”

And you just have to love the last line of the press release: “Chris Allman’s first concert with Greater Vision will be on Wednesday April 21 in Myrtle Beach, SC.” First concert?

Welcome back, Chris!

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  1. I was sorry to see Jacob go, but I am very excited that Mr. Allman is back!

  2. This is great news!

  3. LOL…judging from the comments so far, it looks like Chris has an approval rating that would make Governor Palin jealous!

  4. This is great news!

  5. That’s wonderful! I have always liked Chris’s backup vocals on the Ivan Parker albums I have. As a side note, Greater Vison was on the program at the first Southern Gospel concert I attended, and Chris was the tenor at that point. So it’s interesting to see him come full cirle. šŸ™‚

    • I can’t type this morning. Still half asleep. Make that: So it’s interesting to see him come full “circle”. šŸ˜›

  6. What great news…Chris is a man of God who will share his gifts and compliment Rodney and Gerald. I do miss Jacob..God has called him in a new direction and God will use Jacobs gifts in a mighty way.

    Look forward to having Great Vision at the Great Outdoors Church on March 23, 2011. Great music-Great ministry.


  7. I could not be more excited about this. I wish Jacob well in his future endeavors also!

  8. OK. So why do you not have jumping smileys on this blog???

    In recent months and years, I’ve found that the more I hear Chris’s voice, the more I like him.

    • I just have the phpBB default pack, which automatically comes with WordPress.

      I hadn’t installed more since I didn’t know that anyone wanted more!

      • Well, I didn’t until I heard this news!

  9. Anyone looking forward to some possible co-writes coming out of this? šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

    • I absolutely am!

  10. yeah i’am very excited to have mr allman back on the road.

  11. I am pleased to hear that Chris is returning to Greater Vision ,it was my honor , to promote the concert in Michigan,where Chris made his first appearance with Greater Vision at The Whiting Auditorium !
    This is one of the finest groups in the history of southern gospel music! Welcome back Chris ….Jim Glasco