Phillip Hughes leaves Kingsmen

The Kingsmen announced today that lead singer Phillip Hughes will be leaving. He has been with the group for six years and will stay until a replacement has been found.

Phillip has two boys, the older approaching the teen years, and felt that being on the road more than 200 days out of the year did not allow him to spend enough time with his sons. He will be pursuing “other business interests”; more details on his future plans will be forthcoming. The Kingsmen will be searching for a replacement to fill the vacancy.

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  1. Wow! That’s a shock!
    Phillip was a great singer…is a great singer. Jim Hamill said that Phillip was the best lead singer the Kingsmen ever had with the exception of himself.
    I will keep both Phillip and the Kingsmen in my prayers.

  2. They need to bump Bryan Hutson up to lead, and then fill the baritone spot.

    • Tyler, that is what I have been suspecting would happen for some time now. Phillip is a great lead singer but so is Bryan. I truly feel like they will move Bryan to lead and find a new baritone. My opinion only though. No facts to back it up.

      • Well at least we’re on record to make that prediction. 🙂 (even if we’re wrong…)

      • Very true Tyer!! LOL! Very true! My little brother and I predicted this about 2 years ago. They are both amazing singers. God blessed them both with such amazing talent!

  3. I really hope that Bryan goes back to lead and, like the other posters have stated, a baritone is hired.

    However, thanks to Phillip for 6 really solid years with the Kingsmen, as he really helped shape the sound of today’s kingsmen (in my opnion)!

    • Phillip did a great job with them for the last 6 years. No doubt about that!

  4. Does anyone know if they will be having auditions for the open position? I checked their site and it did not mention anything about it.

  5. my guess is there will be a lead/baritone hired since Bryan and Phil both sing both parts. in other words a lead who can also sing the lower part or who can sing tenor and ill sing baritone

    • Harold, you and Ray could always just swap parts… 🙂

    • Harold – I’m assume you’re referring to singing baritone on selected songs, not as a usual thing? 🙂

    • Harold, I bet you could sing some mean baritone!! You sound great with the Kingsmen! Y’all are known for having two tenors!!! LOL! Versatile is an understatement!

    • I’d really like to hear a big baritone with you guys again…like Tony Peace was.

  6. Phillip, we will miss you!!!