Trying out a new theme: No. 2

This one has a similar look to the first one. It has a certain simplicity about it which I like enough to make it one of the finalists here. What do you think?

UPDATE (10:46 AM): I’m starting to like the feel of this format, so I’m going to start implementing some features that work in this format. Be watching the sidebar through the afternoon before rendering a final verdict.

EDIT (12:31 PM): I’ve put in all the features I can think of. Now what do you think?

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  1. Um, uh, this is like going to the eye doctor and having them try different lenses that look almost the same! This one is a little cleaner, presentation-wise.

  2. Don’t worry – #3 will be quite different. If I find a #4 and #5, they will also be different.

  3. I like yesterday’s better!

  4. :shakes head:

    No doubt, but I think there’s no way I’ll come up with a theme that even 50% prefer to the others. I guess I’ll just have to go with a plurality.

  5. Thumbs down on this one too.

  6. between the 2; #1 gets my vote

  7. Daniel, is there a way to show not only the date the thread was created; but a date of the last post within that thread?

    Also, the date of the post must be set for eastern time; ’cause the one that says 10:06 (there is no am or pm); it’s really 9:06am.

  8. Yolanda, I’m not sure as to your first question. I do know that you can access the latest comments here:

    As to your second question, I guess all times on this blog show Eastern time since I’m in EST. I believe that is a general blog issue, nothing theme-specific.

  9. Is there any way that the stuff you wanna read isnt halfway down the page? Other than that, I like this one too and can’t wait to see the others.

    Aaron Swain

  10. I’m not completely certain I understand what you’re talking about, Aaron. ❓

  11. I definitely prefer yesterday’s as well.

  12. I’ve put in all the features I can think of. Now what do you think?

  13. Still not as good as the green version…..

  14. Well, I didn’t see theme #1, but I really do like the green one you had before better than this one…the format seemed a little cleaner and easier to read. Just my two cents. (Sorry, I know it’s frustrating trying to find the perfect template!)

  15. Sorry, I’m still liking that green one! I prefer primary type colors (or dark colors) over pastels for web reading myself.

  16. I liked the green, too.

  17. I vote for #1 so far…

    This one is too stale.

  18. I liked yesterday’s better myself!

  19. I agree w/ Hannah Michelle on why I like the green one better, the format seemed a little cleaner and easier to read.