Congratulations, Rusty

First, some background: SoGospelNews streamed their annual Ovation awards last night; it was the first time they had been streamed online. I was impressed with the overall quality of the show; many nominees and most of the winners were present. A complete list of winners is here; [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.] Karen Peck and New River, the Perrys, the Booth Brothers, and Rusty Golden all took home multiple awards.

Of particular note is Rusty Golden’s impressive list of four awards. His songs won overall song of the Year (co-write with Jerry Salley on “I Want to Thank You”), Country Song of the Year (same), Progressive Song of the Year (co-write with Booth Brothers on “What Salvation’s Done For Me”), and Songwriter of the Year (Professional).

Since I regularly read album credits, I started seeing his name on enough cuts that I realized the impact he was going to make on the genre some time back. He was featured a year and a half ago in this site’s October 2008 feature interview. I believe these are his first awards in this genre—and he certianly started in style by winning four.

Congratulations, Rusty!

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  1. Daniel…it was SUCH an exciting night. I was seated by Rusty, and Jerry Salley was right behind us, and it was great for me to see the fans’ regard for Rusty’s talent – something I’ve known to be amazing during the three years we’ve been writing together. Congratulations, Rusty and Jerry…my songwriting friends – may we be able to make music together till Jesus comes! And you’re right about the awards program…it was SO well done, from start to finish – and the Lord showed up!!!! Kudos to the Unthanks…they know how to do awards. Blessings and congratulations to all the winners…Dianne.

    • That was exciting to see . . . and yes, the program was well done. 🙂