Greater Vision Video Blooper?

On Greater Vision’s new 20 Years: Live in Texas DVD, disc 1, there is either a big blooper or an intentional oddity. At 53:49, Gerald Wolfe has just wrapped up a hilarious story about Rodney Griffin and Jehovah’s Witnesses, when the camera cuts from Gerald on stage to an audience shot with Gerald front and center.

Either Wolfe was digitally edited in afterwards with greenscreening, or the audience footage was a laughing track recorded before the event for backup (to insert later if the laughter wasn’t loud enough). But if the latter, was the cut to Wolfe intentional or accidental?

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  1. It has been a few months since I’ve watched the DVD, but I seem to remember that Rodney and Jacob are also shown in the crowd during the concert (maybe immediately after Gerald introduced them… I think they may have been applauding their own intros).

    So, I’m pretty sure Gerald showing up in the crowd was intentional.

  2. I’ve been to a taping where the producer had the audience do different stages of applause. Calm, a little faster, standing ovations, and I think even one where we pretended we were laughing at a hilarious joke. I didn’t buy any of the videos that were recorded that night but the intention was to piece in the applause during editing.

    • I’ve been to one or two non-NQC tapings, and that was standard operating procedure there, as well.

      What isn’t standard is for a group member to be filmed in the audience during that time!

  3. Sounds like a clever joke to me…Gerald in the audience laughing at his own joke, Rodney applauding his own introduction. It’s like a hidden little nugget that you found.

  4. It shows Jacob doing a little dance.

  5. Intentional, definitely. If you want closely, you’ll see shots of Jacob and Rodney as well. It was a neat idea!

  6. Daniel, I thought I submitted this comment earlier today, so if it shows up again, feel free to delete the duplicate.

    When I was writing a video review column back when I worked for U.S. Gospel News, I saw a Nelons video that had showed their drummer in the audience clapping after the group finished a song. In that particular case, I think the video producers taped three groups that night, and he was in the audience for the other groups’ tapings and it so happened they used the audience shots he was in for the Nelons’ video, too. It was funny, but did not appear intentional.

    The best one, though, was when I saw my mother and myself on one of Anthony Burger’s Pianorama videos taped at NQC–and we were not even at the concert! LOL! The crowd shots were too dark at his taping, so they used the Kingsmen crowd shots filmed from the day before–a reunion concert matinee that we did attend. Some friends called us up and siad they had the video with us on it, and I said, “That’s impossible! We weren’t there.” Ahh, the magic of editing! LOL!

    • Perhaps it got tagged as spam – my spam filter has been a little hyperactive lately!

      Those stories are hilarious! 🙂

  7. Funny stories. indeed.

  8. I guess two words are too short, but three do the trick. 😛

  9. Sort of like the Gold City LP cover “Double Take”…they are pictured on stage and also on the first row of the audience.

  10. I remember that cover, Dean. What is also funny is on some of the Gaither videos a group member is in the choir applauding and next thing you know, they are immediately on stage singing. Sometimes this might be that they edit out the transitions of getting up front, but others might be the song order being changed. One example I seem to remember is Ivan Parker in the audience applauding and then singing with the Trio (Glory Road I think, but it might have been the Hallelujah Side.

  11. Video makers call those shots “cutaways.”

    As in…
    “Get some shots to use as cutaways while they sing this song. It isn’t going on the DVD.”

    And of course, many audience shots are staged as others have already mentioned.

    If an audience shot doesn’t pan over to a view of the singers performing the song on the stage, chances are it wasn’t shot at that precise moment in the program. There are only so many cameras.

    With Gaither stuff, I have no illusion that I’m watching a video of events as they unfolded in real time. Singers on the front row are in their seats for one song, and then someone else is in the same seat on the next song.

    • There is an extent to which you’re overestimating non-Gaither productions, though. I was talking in detail with one of the tech crew for one of the highest quality non-Gaither productions out there, and due to budget constraints, the live cut (shot choices) and one other wide-pan camera were all they could afford to record. It was also a setting where they couldn’t get other footage beforehand easily.

      Therefore, the audience pans were virtually all in the original location on the finished product – though they could have swapped out clips between songs that didn’t make the cut, perhaps.

  12. Yeah, David, I remember seeing the musical chairs in the Gaither stuff too. Since I think they film more than one day, it is easy to see how that happens and I have known for years that they reformat the order sometimes and of course cut out some songs. (Sometimes these end up in the extras.)

  13. I went the the Signature Sound taping for “Get Away Jordan”. I was surprised that it went down like an almost flawless concert. The DVD is almost an exact replica of the actual show. However, they did sing the “Happy Birthday Song” twice (one without confetti and one with). They also had to sing “He Touched Me” twice because of a malfunction.

  14. The clip you saw of Gerald was totally real and intentional, as well as the clips of Jacob and Rodney in the audience. I was the promoter for the concert where the DVD was filmed and it was part of the pre-concert material where the additional applause is recorded, etc. I thought it was a very clever and hilarious idea. I haven’t watched closely enough to see if this is shown, but Rodney intentionally mouthed “You da man” a couple of times in his audience shot with the intention of it being used following a cutaway from him on stage. If you’ll also notice, Jason Waldroup is in the audience as well. He drove down for one night of the concert. This was recorded over two nights. The extra footage filmed at Fat Boys Barbecue was great as well.

  15. I finally got mine today! I am watching it right now! I have noticed Jacob so far… He is cheering himself on after he was introduced!

  16. Yes… showing brief clips of the various group members sitting in the audience enjoying the concert was intentional. I’m always looking for ways to find out if people are really watching…and always looking for unique ways to get a laugh. Some get it…and some don’t… but we think it’s funny.