Saturday News Roundup #49

There have been so many stories I haven’t gotten to this week (and last) that a roundup is in order:

  • This deserves far more commentary than a brief mention here, but it looks like Singing News’s days in Boone are coming to an end; Salem is moving the Singing News office into the Solid Gospel headquarters in Nashville. Some but not all of the staff will be retained.
  • I went to a Freemans concert last night. “Children of the Dust” brought the house down (even more than usual). Also watch for their new radio single, the Dianne Wilkinson-penned “Father and the Son.” It is one of their best songs released in recent memory.
  • Timothy Fultz just launched a new blog, covering Southern Gospel and other related topics. (Hat tip to North Ireland’s Phil on Southern Gospel, who threw his hat in the ring not too long ago himself, and is keeping it there with his steady and insightful posts.)
  • Diana Brantley just posted a video tribute to Jacob Kitson. [EDIT, 3/16/13: Broken link removed.]
  • Bluegrass legend Doyle Lawson (and the rest of Quicksilver) were recently in the studio to record several songs with Paul Simon, who I’m told is apparently a fairly well known singer in folk / world music.
  • Tribute Quartet is in the top 10 for the first time, with their current radio single “That’s Why I Love Him So.”

Video Highlight:

Consider the comments section an open thread (that one’s for you, AmyR!)

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  1. 😆 But I’ve run out of random comments!

  2. You don’t know who Paul Simon is?

    • I looked him up on Wikipedia and briefly skimmed the article . . . apparently he’s had some big hits in his genre. But outside of the fact that DL&Q will be on a couple of his tracks, I don’t really care who he is!

      I only have so much time / energy / money, and I’ve chosen to spend those limited resources on Southern Gospel. 🙂

  3. Daniel, you should consider going on the road full time as a Merch man. 😉 thanks for all your help last night. It was great seeing and chatting with you.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      I do love running tables, almost as much as Sony does (and almost as much to Sony is really saying something . . . )

      • I have to admit I feel more at home behind a table than most anywhere else but I doubt they’ll ask for my help again. I have it on good authority that you did a great job!

      • Well, I helped re-set it up after intermission, but I’m not sure that I actually sold anything!

        And there will be events where you will be and I won’t. 🙂

  4. I’m old but not that old. Paul Simon was (is) the other half of Simon and Garfunkel. Just one of their hits was “Bridge over Troubled Water”
    He has used the Oaks and other gospel stars on many recording. He’s pretty famous and really, really good

  5. Paul Simon has another tie to southern gospel. One of his biggest songs was “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. The Imperials covered it back in the 70s.

  6. I don’t have any recordings by Paul Simon but definitely know who he is and I love the song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” The Blackwood Brothers and the Downings both recorded it as well.

    • I have the recording where the Blackwood Brothers did the song, but I have to date skipped it.

  7. “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” is one of my all-time favorite songs.

  8. Haha, funny video!

  9. This wasn’t highly publicized, but 1 # higher than Tribute is the Crist Family with their first top 10.

    Interesting info– The Collingsworth Family is just getting their first Top 20! “Bottom of the Barrel” is #18 for May. Long overdue, imo.

    • Interesting – but are you sure “The Blood of Jesus” and/or “Blessed Be the Lamb” didn’t go higher?

      • “The Blood of Jesus” went to #21, “Blessed Be the Lamb” went to #24. Since they’ve released “Fear Not Tomorrow”, they should go higher. Or at least that’s for what I’m hoping!

  10. The original version of Bridge Over Troubled Water with Garfunkel is by far the best. Elvis or anyone else could come close to it.

    • I would probably agree on their version being the best but I didn’t think Dony McGuire did a bad job on it with the Downings.

  11. I was half asleep when I posted (the alarm woke me out of a deep sleep.) What I meant was Elvis or anyone else couldn’t come close to it. I don’t think I heard Dony’s version, but I loved the live version of It’s My Desire. Great stuff.

  12. I am looking forward to the new Booth Brothers project coming out in late May early June…