Trying out a new theme: No. 3

Here’s theme number 3.

After reading yesterday’s comments, it appears as though option #2–which I was leaning towards–is incompatible with some versions of Internet Explorer, so we have to scratch that one from the list. Right now it’s between this one and Monday’s theme.

I’d like to open this process up to the readers a little more. The themes for this sort of blog can be found here, and I’m willing to accept suggestions for the themes I put up Thursday and Friday. A few criteria:

  • It has to be compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer, something I don’t really know until I actually try it out
  • The text has to be at least 10pt
  • No photos as part of the design (load times here)
  • No garish colors or designs; I’m looking for a fairly plain, utilitarian design here. (The neon green got to be too much for me.)

If you stop by and find a theme within those categories, I’d be happy to test it for compatibility, and put my two or three favorites from the nominations up for a day or two.

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  1. Well, there’s only a gazillion options, aren’t there? I just went through a few pages, but I really liked the one “loopy-blue-10” that’s found under the “browse all themes”, page 2. I like the royal blue background with color breaks between the articles. That way they don’t seem to “run into” each other. I like the calendar/indexes on the right in a contrasting color (in this case a kind of harvest gold). I like the 2-column approach. And lastly, I like the way the “responses” are presented.

    Having said all of that, I still like Monday’s preview better than Tuesday or Wednesday views! :o)

  2. Thanks for checking! For some reason, one of that site’s fonts doesn’t seem to be displaying properly on my system, but that doesn’t necessarily (totally) rule it out.

    There are so many factors that come into going through these gazillion themes that it almost seems hopeless to wade through them to find one that would work!

    I already do so many changes to any that I install that I’m almost tempted to put the time in to learn how to write my own. In fact, I would, except that I don’t have the time.

  3. This is a little bit drab. I still prefer #1.

  4. I agree with DBM. This one is… BIG… and reminds me of old TV shows. Keep ’em comin’ though; you might rock my socks off with a future preview!

    Aaron Swain

  5. Going with David and Aaron here. It’s a little too big and not enough color for me. Not that it matters – it’s your blog – but you did ask my opinion. 🙂

  6. BIG, but better.

  7. I like this one, it’s plain but clean and easy on the eyes (mine, at least).

  8. Let me say one word Daniel…color. This is my least favorite. Sorry Daniel. 🙁