Sony’s Thoughts: Stay Fueled Up

It occurred to me a while back that, although I’m constantly praying to be a blessing and encouragement to others and, although (and maybe because) so much of what I do is minister to people, it is very hard for me to receive spiritual enrichment and encouragement from others. Scripture says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35) and I prefer to be on the giving side of ministry but I find that if I never take time to receive from the Lord, in reality, I have nothing left to give. You cannot continue to drive without refilling with fuel from time to time. So it is in the Christian life.

Even with this realization, it is still a struggle for me. When I am at a conference or a concert, I almost feel guilty just going to receive from God for myself but it could also be an element of pride which hesitates to admit that I need God as much as anyone else does. The truth, however, is that I do–so much so!

I don’t know how most people feel but I would like to encourage you today, especially if you are in a ministry of some kind, to make sure you receive the fuel you need for the work God’s given you to do. If you don’t already have someone, pray for someone who can be there for you to lift you up when you’re down, to encourage you when you’re discouraged, to challenge you when you begin to lose focus. That is what the Body is for. I know how hard it can be to find someone you can trust and who will be the right person for you but God knows what you need and He will bring that person. Burnout is a real thing and, without someone feeding into you, you will eventually become ineffective if you continue to try to do it on your own. Your time with God is what’s most important but He has designed the Body to be His hands and feet and voice at times. Don’t distance yourself from that when it’s available to you. If it’s not available right now, take extra time to be quiet and sit at His feet and hear what He would speak. Those who are looking to us for guidance need to know we’ve been with God ourselves. Let’s not take that responsibility for granted.

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  1. Thank you Sony, for these extremely encouraging thoughts.

    I am “burned out”, big time! I feel as though I’ve given and given and given, and lately it seems the only response I’ve been getting is that some want to take things away from me.

    I know a lot of the readers here can relate to these thoughts, and mine.

    Thank you for your very pastor-like contributions to this blog, and to the web in general.