My third favorite Cathedrals lineup

All right, I’ll bite. Doug Harrison has a post on the bloggers roundtable with a hilarious punch line:

However, I can neither confirm nor deny that I will be wearing a paper sack. Nor can I comment on reports that we will be meeting in a top-secret super-secure underground bunker beneath Freedom Hall that’s occasionally used by the Vice President when he must go into hiding from the special prosecutor’s office (Freedom Hall, Freedom Fries, They Hate Our Freedom … you see the connection, I trust). Pre-convention intelligence does suggest, though, that should our location be compromised, a flash mob may form demanding to know Daniel Mount’s THIRD favorite Cathedrals line up.

Now we don’t want flash mobs, do we? So I’ll just post it here. It’s Roger Bennett, George Younce, Mark Trammell, Glen Payne, and Kirk Talley, the lineup that brought us “Step into the Water” and “We Shall See Jesus,” arguably the Cathedrals’ most successful songs ever (on radio and the live stage, respectively.) This was the breakout lineup that moved them from the second tier into superstar status.

Now honestly, I’ve been very surprised at all the fuss over this post. At 25 comments so far, it might just be the most popular post in the history of the blog, with the possible exception of the Ernie Haase interview. I honestly wrote it because it was a slow news day and with my commitment to daily posts, I needed something to say. Maybe this post will end the speculation!

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  1. Now, Daniel, Doug didn’t have to “shame” it out of you…he only needed to read your top 10 Cathedral lineups you posted here in response to my comments about your seeming burning inner desire to share your top Cathedral lineups with us! LOL!

    But as long as we’re all posting stuff to talk about, I doubt that the speculation about what we say will ever end.

    Maybe a good, logical followup would be a list of your favorite albums done by Cathedral Quartet members when they WEREN’T Cathedrals(e.g., Younce’s best Blue Ridge stuff, Payne and Cooley’s best Weatherford material, etc. :-)).

  2. This Cathedralls lineup did the best version of “Then Came The Morning” I have ever heard.
    Rememer the song “Mexico?” “Ayh…yh….yiah… II never shalll forget, all the pretty things I found in Mexico and yet…”
    (How in the world is that Ayah sound supposted to be spelled anyway???)
    I’ve always liked hearing them do “Moving Up To Gloryland” and “I Know A Man Who Can.”

  3. Inquirer, that’s a superb idea. I’ll file it away for a bit, because I have this feeling that my readers are having a Cathedrals overdose right about now. 🙂


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