Survey: Familiarity with Other Genres

Every now and then, a commenter here raises the question of how familiar Southern Gospel fans are with other genres.

Let’s find out.

Here’s a survey:

The survey takes seven genres’ most prominent artists and asks how familiar you are with their music.

With one exception, the seven artists representing each genre were drawn from the nominees in that genre’s leading awards show (Grammy, Dove, IBMA, Singing News). The one exception is Inspirational, since the genre as defined from ~1975-~1995  no longer exists as an industry. I included it out of curiosity whether any significant number of Southern Gospel fans have come to this genre after Inspirational as we knew it faded away.

Spread the word, email your friends—and don’t forget to take it yourself.

Thank you!

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  1. I would’ve liked to have seen an answer between “Heard a song” and “Have at least one project” since there are several artists that I have heard quite a bit of their music but haven’t bought an album.

    • Yes, I thought of that, but I had about as big a survey as I could possibly ask people to take as it was!

  2. Good survey. I pretty much drew a blank on all the CCM folks. I know of a few of the Inspirational ones, but don’t have any of their music except the Bill Gaither Trio. I have a good bit of the bluegrass stuff, including complete collections of Dailey & Vincent and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. I also knew all of the country acts and have a little bit of their music.

    Definitely came up empty on the rock and rap.

    • I answered “know who they are” if I had heard the name or seen it the news enough to recognize it. Not sure that counts. 😕

  3. Interesting – I’m anxious to hear the results! Does it have a closing date?

    • Yes – end of the day Sunday, 11:45 PM EST.

  4. Interesting survey! I took it! I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    • Thanks! No gigantic surprises so far. 89 responses to date.

    • Most interesting stat so far: 1/5 of this blog’s readers (at least the sampling so far) have a complete Greater Vision collection!

      • Oh, I am jealous ….. I doubt I’m halfway there, though I must be kinda close. (Says doubtfully)

      • That’s about what I had in mind. The only reason I selected that option for a couple of rappers and rockers was that I’d heard of them being in trouble with the law.

  5. Super cool idea for a post and survey. Cant wait for the results. Curious how many ac/dc fans in your readership!

    You should do some more of these.

    • Thanks!

      I try not to do these too often, mainly because I ask my fellow bloggers to link to it, and I don’t want to wear them out! In other words, I want to do it big whenever I do it!

  6. Daniel,

    Thanks for doing this survey. It’s cool. I’m interested in the results since my blog attempts to incorporate Southern Gospel and CCM.

    Also, a few of those artists mentioned, especially in CCM, haven’t done 5 projects, so owning the entire collection may equal only one or two projects.

    • That issue did occur to me, but I decided I may as well just let that skew the results a bit, since that’s frequently the case for top CCM nominees.