The Collingsworth Family joins the Homecoming Tour

Maybe this was announced previously and I missed it, but my most recent Homecoming catalog came in today, and one paragraph in an ad caught my attention in a big way:

Fall Festival Celebration Weekend, October 5-6, 2007
Friday, Oct. 5: Concert – 7:00 P.M.
An Alexandria Harvest tradition…gather with us this year at the Alexandria Church of the Nazarene, just minutes from Gaither Family Resources. Join us as we welcome the Homecoming tour’s newest addition, the talented Collingsworth Family.

Gaither has shown his genius once again. I’ve been meaning to review their most recent DVD, A Night to Remember, for several months now, but I keep lending it to friends and it hasn’t come back yet. I’ll let you in on my conclusion, thuogh: It is the most professional video I’ve seen by any Southern Gospel group not in the Gaither orbit. Chances are that Gaither saw it and thought the same thing.

This could explain why the Collingsworth Family is not going to be on the NQC mainstage; they may have needed to keep their weekend free for a Gaither event. (Although, in fresh retrospect, having a Homecoming-caliber group only appear in a showcase is a little odd. Perhaps showcases are easier to back out of if the schedule changes last-minute.)

I wonder if Kim will play piano for the Homecomings on any dates Gordon Mote can’t make. (This would not be the first time Gaither has thought outside the box!)

This couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more talented family, and I am thrilled for them.

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  1. Kim’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” that I witnessed at the awards show back in April still stands as the most electrifying SG moment I have ever experienced anywhere…anytime.
    That’s my opinion. I’m not kidding.

    Still have not seen or heard “the family” perform.
    Be sure, BG knows what he is doing!

    Remember the old showbiz saying: “Never follow the kid or the dog!”

  2. i agree – kim’s performace at the awards show that night was amazing. i was sitting in the choir about at her elbow and i was just mesmerized by her. i think it’s fabulous that the family is going to get the kind of exposure a homecoming event can bring to a group in the industry. great news!!

  3. I first heard the Collingsworth family on radio, Lake Country Jubilee out of Dallas, I enjoyed them. I had the opportunity to hear them when they were at Lake Country Jubille in Terrell, Tx. They are fantastic. A real breath of fresh air. I am looking forward to hearing them again, and to see them with the Gaither Homecoming. Kim’s performance of How Great Thou Art makes you feel one more step to heaven.