Saturday News Roundup #50

We’re at 197 responses and counting to the Familiarity with Other Genres survey. It closes at 11:45 PM tomorrow, so keep ’em coming!

Other news:

  • A year ago, the Dills posted a funny video about an audience member who joined them on stage to show them some choreography for “Tired of Running.” They just posted a sequel.
  • Wes Burke posted a great Nelons CD review.
  • Soul’d Out Quartet has just launched an iPhone app. (Unfortunately, Droid versions aren’t out yet, so I haven’t seen it.)

Video highlight:

Here’s a video from the Freemans’ concert in Mansfield, OH last weekend—the one I attended. Someone else captured a video of one of the biggest highlights, their new song “The Father and The Son.” It’s the first time they’ve cut a Dianne Wilkinson song:

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