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I will admit to having what can at times be an offbeat sense of humor. Feel free to join me in casting votes in CCM Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed) All votes must be cast by October 13.

Most of our picks are in the “other” (write-in) category and would probably have no chance of winning. But there are one or two top-level nominees that could make it (such as the Gaither Vocal Band).

Here are a few of my picks:
1. (Best Band) Other-Kingdom Heirs
2. (Best Duo or Group) Gaither Vocal Band (Why not? Even if they might not be my favorite group, at least they have a chance!)
3. (Best Male Artist) Other-Gerald Wolfe
4. (Best Female Artist) Other-Libbi Perry Stuffle
5. (Best Artist) Other-Ernie Haase
6. (Best New Artist) Other-Nick Trammell
7. (Best Album) Other-Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
8. (Best Independent Artist) Other-Dixie Echoes
12. (Best Worship Artist) Other-Talley Trio
13. (Best Inspirational Artist) Michael Card
16. (Best Producer) Other-Wayne Haun
17. (Favorite Songwriter) Diane Wilkinson
18. (Best Song) Walk Away Free-Perrys (Yes, it’s that good)
20. (Best Album) Come Thirsty-Perrys
21. (Best Live Performance) Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (of course!)
22. (Best Festival) NQC (of course!)
23. (Most Underrated Artist) Bill Shivers (isn’t he?)
25. (Comeback Artist) The Blackwood Brothers
26. (Best Record Label) Daywind
28. (Best Book) Murray’s Encyclopedia of Southern Gospel (sure, it came out in 2005, but who would know the difference?)
31. (Best Guitarist) Kevin Williams
32. (Best Drummer) Dennis Murphy (Kingdom Heirs)
33. (Best Bassist) Mark Trammell
34. (Best Keyboardist) Stewart Varnado
35. (Best Vocalist) Guy Penrod (who knows; he may have a chance)
36. (Best Artist Activist) Gerald Wolfe

Maybe if a good number of Southern Gospel fans drop by, there might be a few surprises!

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  1. Just a thought here – but if you decided you wanted to do a readers’ choice awards for your blog – which is a SG blog – and someone started gathering all his CCM buddies to flood the ballots with CCM artists – what would your thoughts be?

  2. Of course, you have a point. But several artists that some consider Southern Gospel (Crabb Family, Gaither Vocal Band) are among the nominees selected by the editors of CCM Magazine. So just go over there and vote for the legitimate choices if you so desire.

    I would additionally observe that I got the idea from the Crabb Family’s website, which has a banner up encouraging fans to click on it and visit the Reader’s Choice Awards.