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  1. boring…but i’m not a big “solo” fan

  2. We were at the concert where this was filmed. When Ryan sang “THE STAGE IS BARE” There was a hush over the audience……..it was very well received, and the audience throughly enjoyed it. NICE JOB RYAN!

  3. YEAH! OREGON! WHAT NOW, MIDWEST?! I do wish they came to the mid-valley instead od just staying in the North Willamette Valley (Portland). The problem is the fact that there’s not that many big theatres in Salem like there are up north.

    • Samuel – book them! Ryan should be a lot easier to book now that he’s a soloist.

      If you tie it in with a West Coast tour (say with stops in Boise, Portland, Seattle, and a few in CA) it might be doable and not more expensive than a midwest concert.

      And – here’s the key detail – the individual he’s working with (one of the Beenes) is from a group that started on the West Coast and does a lot of tours there. So it’s entirely possible you could get him out there.

      • Whichever Beene is doing it is bound to do a good job with money because he is a Beene counter. 😉

  4. Maybe it’s just the sound in this clip, but on “This Is My Story” it seems like the piano is playing either off key, or some other song, or something. Maybe it’s just chord progressions that I’m not used to hearing, but I found it very distracting, as if the piano was competing with the vocals, rather than accompanying. JMHO.

    • There were some interesting chord progressions.

      I really doubt the piano would have been out of key. Ryan Seaton’s too smart, and has too smart of a team behind him, to not check that before recording.

      Now . . . could the audio quality of the camera, possibly a handheld, have distorted the sound? That’s a little more likely than the original being out, if it’s out.

  5. Well it looks like his new album just released a few days ago. I’ve listened to some samples. Not my cup of tea, but if you like Michael Buble you’ll like it. I’m not sure whose idea the cover was…kind of a ripoff of the cover for Buble’s It’s Time. I wouldn’t have done that myself, but it is a classy design.

    I just can’t shake the feeling that this is not Ryan. The Ryan I knew was the Ryan with EHSS. This Ryan is…well, just different. And not even particularly SG. I hope somebody gives him a home with a quartet somewhere…then he’ll be back where he belongs.

    • Agreed 100% SoGoBro!

      Ths historicity is none of my business, but;

      Ryan seems to be in someone else’s suit, never mind their shoes.

      He is a quartet man to his fingertips and was only really growing into the role with Ernie and the guys.

      One of the best lead voices in SGM, he has the God given ability to equal Glenn or Guy – given time and 3 other guys to sing along with.

      [Aaargh, Where I think he belongs is nobody’s business and it doesn’t matter much either, but it’s not in the here and now, Ryan.]

      • True…but if everybody in the industry listened to us, think what a happier world it would be! J/K

        Glen and Guy? Those are some big singers right there. I don’t think I would put Ryan with them just yet. With time, maybe.

        I think it’s interesting that you said he was in the process of growing into the role. I recently picked up a copy of Stand By Me Live, and I have to say I’m very impressed with his very early work. Of course he had a lighter, more polished sound in his later years, but I loved his confidence and big, full tone in those first days.

  6. Awwww, okay guys, have to admit that this is really cute. “Daddy’s Little Girl”:


    His little girls join him on the stage for this one…truly adorable.

  7. Wow, really guys? I never got the feeling that he was a “true” quartet guy. Songs Ryan most excelled on with EHSS were Pray for Me and Beyond the Blues. Nether are really SG type songs IMO.

    And I absolutely LOVE his new CD. I posted a review on my blog. Not Southern Gospel, thats for sure, but its GREAT.

    This is what fits Ryan to a “t”.

    I miss him with EHSS, but change happens. Both parties have moved on and are doing great.

    • I would have pegged Ryan’s best song with EHSS as “Then Came the Morning.” Between that and the two you mentioned, I’d have to guess that “Then Came the Morning” has generally received the strongest response live.

      Plus, I have in my collection a CD Ryan did with the Melody Boys Quartet. There’s some top-notch traditional quartet singing for you! 🙂