Alan Kendall to leave Melody Boys

Melody Boys lead singer Alan Kendall posted on his Facebook page this morning that he just finished his last date with Gerald Williams and the Melody Boys Quartet.

He is engaged to be married, and comments indicate that that played a role in his decision.

He was an able lead singer and will be missed!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the compliment Daniel. It’d take me a long time to explain all my reasons, but to make a long story short…certain opportunities present themselves, family is most important, and I’ll always be a Georgia boy at heart. Gerald, Tim, and Caleb are still three of my best friends and I’ll always be one of their biggest fans. I plan to keep singing in some capacity…but on a less busy schedule, so I’ll still pop up here and there. Keep me in your prayers and keep TMBQ in your prayers.

    • You’re welcome, and I look forward to seeing you down the road at some point!

  2. Hate to see Allen leave the Melody Boys Quartet, He is a great Georgia man and is gonna marry a good Georgia lady in May and he needs to be closer to her when they get married. Allen as well as his brother both sing great and I’m sure that he will be singing again with another great group. Congratulations to Allen on his marriage to take place I believe May 22.