Blackwood Brothers launch new website

Jimmy Blackwood’s Blackwood Brothers launched a new website this week. Their last website had a ’90s look, and I’m thrilled to see them move into the 21st century.

The strongest point of the new design is that it has sound clips from last year’s hymns project; the weakest point is that those sound clips start playing automatically, something that is problematic for people who sometimes visit websites before other family members wake up!

Stop by and listen to the clips; pay special attention to their bass singer, Randy Byrd, one of the best melodic bass singers in Southern Gospel today. He sings a range comparable to Burman Porter or Tracy Crouch, but with a distinctive and pleasant tone.

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  1. Their website must be down right now.

  2. It still works for me. Maybe it’s not IE-compatible.

  3. Nice new website…have not heard the new Blackwood Bros, but was always a fan of James’ Blackwood Bros. and Cecil’s Blackwood Bros.