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  1. That is great! I can’t wait for it. That is 2 days after my Birthday!

  2. Great! I’ll have something to add to my wish list for NQC.

  3. Bill Gaither just doesn’t get in a hurry, does he?!?!? I’m always amazed at how long they drag out the production process and keep us in suspense.

  4. Surprised Aaron Swain did not mention this in his comments… When Michael English interviewed with him – English said they had recorded Kirk Talley’s “He is Here” – a great song I’ve always wanted to hear recorded by a QT or I guess a QT + one…

    Can’t wait to hear this one.


  5. JEB,

    Thanks for mentioning the interview! I just choose not to mention something like that myself too much because I don’t want it to seem like I’m putting myself on a pedestal and saying “Look what I did!”

    That said, Michael was very gracious to do the interview and he did mention that “He Is Here,” is going to be a huge song for Wes Hampton. He mentioned several other songs as well, one of which is a Crabb Family song that I never did get the title of. I’m personally looking forward to this project because it will be the first studio recording of new material that this lineup of the GVB has produced.

    As to Diana’s comment about Bill keeping us all in suspense? Sounds like a good business tactic to me! 🙂

    • There’s been more suspense this year than usual – I think the Booth Brothers managed to build up a good deal of buzz for their new project, and the GVB, Mark Trammell Quartet, and Gold City have all built up some buzz/suspense for the recordings debuting their new lineups (not counting table projects).

    • Hi Aaron!
      I remembered hearing about a Gerald Crabb song too, so being the GVB geek that I am, I starting searching through pages and pages of posts on Wes Hampton’s Facebook wall, and came across this exchange:

      Gerald Crabb: My wife and I watched the new Vocal Band video last night, It was great. Jason didn’t do to bad either. Lol God Bless!
      Wes Hampton: Love your songs, Gerald! Can’t wait for you to hear “Please Forgive Me.” You’ll love it!

      🙂 Enjoy! 🙂

    • Yah! A huge song for Wes Hampton, sweet! It’ll be nice to actually *hear* him in the new line-up for once…

  6. With Michael English producing and Tim Riley back in the saddle, the upcoming Gold City CD ought to be amazing.

  7. Wha’s this chat about ‘first studio CD’ from new GVB? pardon my ignorance if wrong, but surely the ‘Reunited’ CD was 90% studio based. It was certainly not the CD of the DVD, which seems to have caused some mixed responses, especially as both DVD and CD were marketed with the same cover. I think in fairness the same also applied to ‘Give it Away’. would it not be preferable if the CD differs in taping from the DVD that this should be made clear? It seems obvious that a DVD taping (ovations and clapping apart) IS a recording of what is SEEN live (ish). It perhaps could be more clearly stated if the CD was or was not the AUDIO taping of the same concert. i think most folks presume, by deafult, that it IS. Am I off-line here, or is this a SGM issue generally?

    • I could have (and perhaps should have) just said “first non-table project.”

      I think generally most folks do assume that a CD is the audio taping of the same concert, but Gaither has been doing it for long enough now that our genre is used to him.

  8. I know these songs will be on the Greatly Blessed project.

    1)House of Gold
    2)He is Here
    3)When He Blessed My Soul
    4)Better Day
    5)Love Like I’m Leaving
    6)Please Forgive Me

    I cant wait for this one….there’s never been an album that i anticipated so frantically.

    • Great to know – thanks!

      This album is going to sound great….

      (and I love that last line!)

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  10. Is Marshall Hall still filling in or is Michael English back on the road?

  11. Marsh is still filling in for Michael. He could be out anywhere from 1 to 3 more months. Sue Dodge had the same procedure done a few years back and took 5 months to recover…Michael has been through 2 so far. On another note Wes Hampton just announced that he is going to begin working on a new solo CD this summer.

  12. According to EMI CMG Distribution, this is the official song list for Greatly Blessed.

    Track Listing
    01. Better Day
    02. When He Blest My Soul
    03. Love Like I’m Leavin’
    04. You Are My All In All
    05. Please Forgive Me
    06. Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored
    07. He’s Alive
    08. Ain’t Nobody
    09. Clean
    10. Muddy Water
    11. That Sounds Like Home To Me
    12. I Know How To Say Thank You
    13. He Is Here

    • I came across that late last night or early this morning, before your comment.

      I was going to save the post for Monday morning, but after I saw your comment, I figured I may as well bump it up to this evening. 🙂


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