Shiloh signs with Crossroads

Crossroads announced yesterday that they’d signed Shiloh, a moderately progressive Southern Quartet (both in appearance and sound). [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] It’s the first time in a little while that a group on one of the indie labels has moved up to one of the major Southern Gospel labels (Crossroads / Daywind / Gaither). After listening to the sound clips on their website (click the Shiloh Radio button), it certainly seems as though they have the voices, blend, and arrangements to be ready for the big time.

Has anyone seen this group in concert? What were your impressions?

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  1. I have known two of the guys from Shiloh for 10 years. They are a very good group who minister in their services. They have been one of the most popular groups in the DFW area for quite a while now.
    One of their former members produces all of our projects at his studio.
    I am thrilled for this opportunity for them and know they gave this decision a lot of thought and prayer. It will be a good partnership for both.

  2. My apologies for not getting this right off, but by DFW, do you mean Dallas-Fort Worth?

  3. That’s okay, Daniel, living around here it is the common abbreviation. I forget that it could also stand for other things. Yes, it is Dallas-Fort Worth. Shiloh has actually been based in Arlington for several years. I haven’t met the two new guys yet (actually only one is new, but I know Brian and Stan from years ago). They are great guys and I wish we had more time to see them.

  4. Shiloh is a good group of singers who minister very well. They have grown their ministry by taking baby steps over the last 10 years. This is just the culmination of careful planning and smart financial decisions that this group has made over the last decade. They are an excellent example that young groups starting out should try to immulate. Make smart financial decisions (don’t buy a bus right away), gain your fanbase and stay connected to them, and carefully use the resources that have been put in your path. While they may not be a monster success nationally, their regional (Texas) success cannot be denied.