Dove Awards: Southern Gospel segment

YouTube user TheNelonsFan posted the seven-minute segment that the Dove Awards allotted for Southern Gospel:

Don’t miss the cutaway at 2:51 to Troy Peach. Though just a second or two, his face tells the story as effectively as the lyric—the anticipation waiting for the payoff line, and then the sheer joy when Joseph hits the words “…was no longer in that grave.” On one level, it’s the power of the lyric, on another the musical underpinnings that build the intensity of the moment. As much as anything Joseph Habedank does—he did his part with a picture-perfect delivery—it’s Peach’s brief cutaway that sells the song.

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  1. Thanks for posting the video Daniel. Didn’t get to see the awards on tv. All four groups were exceptionally good. I with you Joseph DELIVERED.
    Only thing I have to say is that Southern Gospel need much more time on the Dove Awards. Maybe next year they will get it.

    • Yes, but I’m happy that at least we got some this year.

  2. OOPS…Blackwood Brothers…76 years.

    • Also it sounded like she said 1810 at the beginning.

      • 1910…but not the Blackwood Brothers.

      • I guess she means the Blackwoods are helping them celebrate Gospel music since 1910.

  3. I watched every minute of the Dove Awards, and honestly was waiting for this segment. Some of what was presented as “gospel” demonstrated how old I’ve become. My ears were bleeding after a couple of performances.:)

    I agree with Daniel. Maybe next year SG will get more notice.

  4. It’s fascinating that after a week, the GMA still hasn’t posted a list of winners at

    It makes you wonder how much their staff really cares about publicizing their awards.

    • It might also depend on how easy their site is to update or if they farm it out. Companies that depend on someone else to do it (especially the someone else who either sidelines or has a lot of clients) might delay the process too. (Never mind the fact that they themselves might take a while to get the info to them and request to post it.)

  5. DBM,

    You can see my latest blog post for a complete list of winners at:

    I also was sad that SG only got this short attention. At least Natalie Grant did acknowledge that the Speer family along with the Imperials had won the Group of the Year award eight times.

  6. I loved the piano on Through The Fire… very nice!

  7. I thought the Southern Gospel artists did a wonderful job despite the small amount of time they were given. I also would like to note that Tim Parton, pianist for Legacy Five, arranged the whole set! Which explains why the songs came together so well 😉 I know, I am biased 😀 but I think it was amazing!

  8. I agree, it was a nice arrangement. I thought that some keys might have been changed at least a little, but it might have been me. Nonetheless, it fit together very well. I would love to see it recorded for a project. 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting this! I think they all did very well and I agree, Daniel. Troy’s expression was the highlight of it all. It captured the delight in KNOWING that our Savior lives!!!!!!!!

    • So true. Those brief two seconds were an absolute joy to watch. 🙂

  10. This was the first year I missed the Dove awards. Did they acturally show the Perrys, Blackwoods, Booths, and Crabbs on the actual Dove taping that was shown on TV.??

  11. I would like to share this wonderful blog & video with my facebook friends, how do I do that?

  12. I love all the Southern Gospel singers, so much I would like to share this video with my facebook friends, please make that possible! Thanks and many more people will be happy and blessed!