News Roundup #5

There has been enough in the way of news over the past day or two that I decided to put it all in one post.

  • There’s an increasing amount of NQC-album buzz. From monitoring various forums, it looks like the most-anticipated albums are Legacy Five’s Know So Salvation, the Perrys’ Look No Further, Greater Vision’s Everyday People, and the Mark Trammell Trio’s as-yet-untitled DVD. Palmetto State’s new CD is also raising some discussion, but that is partially because early reports state that they are moving toward a more country song than before.
  • Speaking of Palmetto State, here’s hoping the rumor that Burman Porter is leaving Palmetto State is false, but he has had so many back problems that I could hardly blame him for coming off the road. [EDIT, 11/7/10: Regrettably, the link is broken, so it has been removed.]
  • It was a nice gesture for Signature Sound to send out an update to their email list about Roy Webb’s father passing away. Webb’s departure from such a high-profile group at the (or a) peak in their success inevitably aroused speculation, and hopefully this will quiet some of it.
  • The Dixie Echoes’ bus was destroyed by fire yesterday. Their suits, sound equipment, and product were all damaged or destroyed. I don’t know whether or not their bus was covered by insurance, but either way they will need a lot of prayer as they attempt to rebuild from this loss. Of particular concern are burns that Stewart Varnado received on his right foot and arm. Burns on a pianist’s arm–which needs to remain nimble–are not a good thing. A singer can sing without their arm fully functioning, but a piano player cannot play (well) after significant burns.

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