Triumphant Quartet to travel full-time

Triumphant Quartet announced that they will be leaving the Miracle Theater to travel full-time in 2008. Their announcement states:

Triumphant Quartet will be ministering on the road full-time starting in January 2008!!!! We are so excited about the new direction God is leading us.

Your love and support of Triumphant Quartet has been overwhelming in the past and your continued support is vital to the success of our future. You are more than fans, you are our friends. So in light of this, we need your prayers that God will continue to give us souls for our labor and that He will help us to be an encouragement to all we come in contact with.

Our schedule at The Miracle Theater will remain the same throughout 2007.

This could have both its advantages and its disadvantages for the group.  Full-time road travel will bring them before more audiences–honestly, a good percentage of loyal Southern Gospel fans (including me) have never been to Pigeon Forge, and being before more audiences will get them more exposure in the Southern Gospel world (even as they will have a bit less outside it).

On the other hand, a theater gig is more conducive to maintaining a consistent lineup. My take: If they can hold the same personnel together for the next five years or so, they will be the most popular group in Southern Gospel, at least outside of the Gaither universe.

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  1. I think this is great for the fans that have missed out on seeing Triumphant because their travel schedule was restricted. I think the travel will be hardest on David because his kids are the smallest, but this is a great team that will be up for the new challenges of travelling full time.

  2. One of those fans that missed out on seeing them was me; I’ve never seen them in person yet. Other than (hopefully) NQC, that will probably hold until the end of the year. I’m really looking forward to seeing them in a full contert some time in 2008!

  3. Its great for the fans, like myself, who’ve never seen them/won’t be able to get to the miracle theater. However, i do feel bad for their families. Of course, i’m sure that everything has been talked about and prayed about. Hope this won’t hurt scotty’s wrestling career haha.

  4. THis is great news, course we fans are a little selfish…. I was fortunate to see them this year at the Miracle Theatre and the attendance was really sad. I thoroughly enjoyed them, but, I think there is a difference in performing daily in a theatre, versus traveling and spreading the word in churches and other venues. Again, we were blessed, my 21 yr. old included. I am looking forward to seeing them out.

  5. I am excited for them. I hope this broadens their audience and gives them a chance to do some really great things for God! I also hope it brings them to Texas more than once a year! 🙂