Phillip Hughes joins The Harvesters

Concert reports on indicate that Phillip Hughes has joined the Harvesters Quartet, singing tenor. (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed)

He recently left the Kingsmen to spend more time with his family; the Harvesters keep a slower schedule than the Kingsmen, so this will leave him with more family time.

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  1. Great! Although I think I like him better as a lead singer, I am sure it will be a great fit! Glad he was bale to spend more time with family, and keep singing!

  2. So, if Phillip is already back with the Harvesters (which I expected to happen as soon as I heard the announcement from the Kingsmen), who is with the Kingsmen now?

    • Don’t know that one – sorry!

      • I saw Bryan mention on Facebook that Brad Querry is filling in for the group this week.

    • Bryan Hutson has moved to lead and they are auditioning baritones. I know of a couple names that have popped up in the process, but in one case I was asked to keep it between me and him, so I will do so.

  3. Wasn’t Hughes with the Harvesters before the Kingsmen?

    • Yes and I do believe he was tenor for them during that tenure as well. Very talented guy and great to know he will still be singing.

  4. I’m not sure if i have any Harvester’s Cds with Phillip on them, i know i have a couple Melody Masters with him though.

  5. Thanks for the explanation on the slower schedule, Daniel. Helps clarify rumors. The press release itself looks strange because he just left “to spend time with his family,” but with your clarifying commentary, it really enlightens this move. Great reporting!

    • One of the problems with the Kingsmen schedule is that they will sometimes stay on the road for over a week at a time instead of being home for several days every week …

  6. I think Phil sang tenor with the Harvesters right before he joined the Kingsmen.

  7. Yes, I do think that I recall Phil coming to the Kingsmen from the Harvesters. He’s a great guy and a good singer, and I wish him all the best.

  8. Just go to Harvesters web site and go to the product store. Last cd on there list Request Time. There is Phil.

  9. To make things more interesting, when Phillip joined the Harvesters last time, I’m pretty sure he was replacing Howard Chandler (unless there was someone that sang for a short time between them). So Phillip replaced Howard, Howard replaced Phillip (unless again there was someone between I didn’t know about) and now Phillip is replacing Howard again.

  10. In looking at their cd covers, it appears there were other tenors between Howard and Phillip last time around.

    • There couldn’t be too many and still have room to fit the other three parts in the picture. 😉

    • Former Gold City tenor Benny Blackburn and Stephen Wall both sang tenor with the Harvesters after Hughes left the quartet prior to Chandler rejoining the group.

  11. When Phil sang with the Harvesters before, he did indeed sing tenor and he does a fantastic job. That “request time” project – I’ve listened to a number of the cuts over and over off of the web and Phil knocks it out of the park in the tenor slot. He sang tenor with a couple of groups, including Harmony Creek, before he joined the Anchormen.

    In Phil’s case, the spending more time with the family is not just a line. His son will be playing junior high football this fall and he would never get to see a game if he was still traveling full time. He loves quartet singing as much as anyone I know but those are experiences you only get to have once in a lifetime.

    • Tony, you are so right. My nephew sang with several Southern Gospel groups, and was with a country gospel group “White River” for a while. He finally came off the road when he realized that he had never even had the chance to take his three kids to Six Flags.

      These men and women who minister in song to us, and give us great joy, give up an awful lot to do so.

    • Is Harmony Creek the group he sang in with Bill Shivers?

  12. to aaron swain..message me on Facebook about who you have been told is in the mix. would honestly love to hear who you got.