News Roundup #6

Well, for a second day straight there are so many stories that I’m going to put them all into one post.

  • Gene McDonald is back on the road, as the driver / product table manager for Gordon Mote. Interestingly, that moves him back into the Gaither Homecoming sphere; I wonder if Bill Gaither will let him be part of the choir at Homecoming events.
  • Greater Vision is planning to release their newest DVD, Chicago Live, at NQC. They taped this just three weeks ago; I don’t know if this is a record turnaround time for a Southern Gospel group, but it has to come pretty close.
  • Previews have been posted of the new Gaither Vocal Band/Ernie Haase & Signature Sound live CD/DVD, Together, here (audio) and here (video). [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] I’m especially pleased to see their cover of “Heaven’s Joy Awaits,” using the arrangement on the Cathedrals’ farewell studio project, Faithful. What makes it a particularly good pick for a joint project is that the Cathedrals’ version had the Gaither Vocal Band as guest artists and built the arrangement around Guy Penrod’s and Ernie Haase’s voices. Since those two vocalists are also featured on this arrangement, it comes off very well and promises to be a highlight of the final product.

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  1. Gordon Mote finally got rich enough to hire a driver. Now he can stop driving.

  2. Gene was at the Gatlinburg Gaither event back in May and was featured on the program. You can bet that now that he is around “full-time”, he will be performing for/instead of Bill.