Question of the Week: Tim Dill

Daniel: I hear you’ve started telling people at some concerts that you want everyone to take home a CD, even if they can’t afford $15. Why? How can you afford to pull this off?

Tim: About two months ago, we decided to take a huge risk during one of our concerts. We told the audience that we wanted everyone in the building to take home at least one of our CDs… even if they could not afford to pay us $15. Immediately, we had people asking how we could afford to do that! We told them that we have a few folks that believe in the message that we are sharing and choose to financially support our efforts on a monthly basis.

Over the last several months we have established an opportunity for people to financially support our ministry on a monthly basis by becoming a Power Partner! We want to thank those that have already joined with us to make this possible! More information is available at

This has been a learning process, that we still do not have completely figured out… but good things are definitely happening! A lot of time, energy and money goes into recording and manufacturing our CDs, but they do not benefit anyone sitting under our bus or taking up space in our garage. During the last two months, we have placed encouraging and uplifting music into the hands of more people than ever before… and that is a wonderful feeling!

Daniel: Are you doing this at each concert now?

Tim: Yes, we have made this offer every time that we had an opportunity to talk about the CDs, product, etc. And it’s been amazing!

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  1. I was at a Booth Brothers concert at a church in Elkins, West Virginia. The Booth Brothers did the same thing. We want you to take a cd home even if you can’t afford it. By the way the service was great.

  2. The Dills are the classiest and probably most forward-thinking group in this business. They are the real deal!

  3. this is a great thing. Daybreak Quartet does the same thing. This is a proof that some artists still want to minister.