Sony’s Thoughts: Happy Mother’s Day

It’s interesting to me how easily we take mothers for granted, and I’ve been guilty of this too. Yet, more often than not, they are the ones who stayed by our side through the night waiting for a fever to break. Mom was often the first one at our side after we fell and scraped our knee. When we cried, it was usually Mom who recognized our cry and came running to see what was the matter. I’m sure we appreciated all those things but have you taken the time lately to tell your mother exactly what she means to you? I’m thankful we have a day set aside to do just that but I think it’s sad when often it’s only on the “ordained” days that we think to do that sort of thing. I wonder what your Mom would do if you took her out to eat for “no reason.” The fact that you would want to spend time with her would probably mean the world to her.

For those whose mothers are in Heaven, I am praying for you today, that God will give you the strength you need today. If you know someone who no longer has their mom with them, take some time today to speak a kind word or put your arm around their shoulder to show them you care. There should not be lonely people in the world when the Body of Christ is present.

If you are a mother, I would encourage you to be the best mother you can be. No one is perfect but, with the Spirit of God, you can be what your children need. Take time to thank God for each blessing He has given you and give your children reason to thank God for you.

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  1. Thank you for such a sweet, thoughtful post, Sony! Thank you also for being sensitive to everyone across the board. While Mother’s Day truly is a day of joy and celebration, it can be a struggle for those of us whose Mothers have already gone home to be with Jesus. Hope you’ve enjoyed your day with your Mom today!