Ed Hill gains another fan

I don’t really have anything on my mind today for a post, so for your daily read I point you to John Scheideman’s latest, on Ed Hill picking up another fan. I know he picked me up as a fan when he graciously let me interview him (for this blog) for over an hour, and it’s nice to see others feeling the same way.

Speaking of the Prophets, it’s taken seemingly forever for their debut album to be completed, but from everything I’m hearing it should be very good when it’s finally done.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Daniel…perhaps more will read what I have to say, and interact a bit with it.:-)

    I must say, though, it’s not so much that Ed gained a new fan, for I’ve long respected and held him in high esteem. Mutual friends of both Ed and me have spoken quite highly of him…on that basis alone, I have more then enough reason to be a fan of his.

    I just wanted to point out what a joy it is to have such a respected individual in the field be so accessible, friendly, and cooperative. Having been a sports reporter for a couple of decades, I’m not accustomed to that kind of transparency and cooperation from someone with that kind of measure of fame and recognition.. It is a real blessing to be involved with people like Ed Hill…and I wanted my little corner of the Web to know that.

  2. On second thought, that *was* a poor title.