CDs: New songs vs. classic

The Dove Brothers posted audio from their new project, Never the Same, yesterday. It seems like an excellent project, but appears to feature David Hester much less than their other recent project, Shout it Out.

That does not come as any surprise. A project of new songs rarely features the bass singer as much as a CD of classic songs. On a project of classic songs, the bass is featured on the verses or chorus for somewhere near half of the songs. But on a project of new songs, the bass singer is usually fortunate to get one or two solos (unless, of course, he happens to be the group manager).

These are just simple facts that most fans of Southern Gospel know. But one thing that’s not as often addressed is why. Why do the projects of classic songs feature the bass singer more often than the projects of new songs?

Perhaps it is because the classic songs became classics because they feature the bass, and that’s what the fans like to hear.

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