Another top 5 songs that need to be re-recorded

I consider that Southern Gospel has been steadily improving since the beginning. But there is nonetheless quite a bit of good, forgotten music. In light of that, here are five more songs from decades past that it would be great for a group to bring back. Again, this list is in no particular order.

  • Over the Silent Sea (Loy Foust, 1935). This is my favorite convention song that nobody does anymore. It would sound great with Greater Vision borrowing Glenn Dustin for a guest bass part (and including a shape-notes chorus).
  • Going Home. I don’t know who wrote this song, but it pre-dates the Gaither song by the same name by decades and is not the same as the Speers song. The song, recorded by the Blackwood Brothers, the Harvesters, and the early Cathedrals, is sometimes called “Going Over Home” to distinguish it from its more recent counterparts. The Dixie Melody Boys would be perfect for the song.
  • What a Morning (J.D. Sumner, ca. 1959). Quite a few groups, including Signature Sound, could really get some mileage out of this one.
  • When Reville Blows in Heaven (recorded by the Inspirations in the 80s). I’d love to hear the Hoppers try this one, primarily to hear Claude singing bass!
  • Whispering Hope (Blue Ridge, Cathedrals, Blackwood Brothers). I’d love to hear a Collingsworth Family rendition of this song.

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  1. The Booth Brothers did a great version of What A Morning on their Harmony project. It is alive, peppy and one of my favorites.

  2. The Anchormen also did a great version of What A Morning several years ago. This was when Steve Ladd (Gold City), Phillip Hughes (Kingsmen), and Jeff Chapman (Kingdom Heirs) were with the group.

  3. I also loved the Anchorman version. That was the first time I heard the song in fact. On a compilation cd I picked up cheap at the store. Good song no matter the rendition.

  4. Yep…..the Anchormen’s version of “What A Morning” is excellent. Look for it on their ‘Reflections Of Life’ album.

  5. I would disagree with you on the Hoppers singing “When Reveille Blows From Heaven”. I think a deep bass singer would do the song more justice……perhaps Jeff Chapman or Glenn Dustin?!?!?!?

  6. Adam,

    How about the Perrys? Tracy Stuffle is singing low As right and left like they were low Ds on their new project.

    I admit, I was trying to think of something outside the box for that particular song–something that would give it an entirely new feel.


  7. The Perrys would certainly be a better fit for the song than the Hoppers. I think I would be disappointed with anyone else singing the song besides Mike Holcombe. I’m a little biased because that song has one of my all-time favorite bass lines in it, and that’s mostly because of the way Mike sings it.

    Maybe the Inspirations could simply recut the song on an upcoming project………

  8. The only song that I recognised was whispering hope. I think Legacy Five would do good on that. Also maybe Signature Sound would be good.

  9. I loved the Anchormen’s version of “What A Morning”, and would love to hear Gold City re-record it since Steve is now with them. It would fit well with their sound.

  10. I LOVE “What A Morning”. A great song!
    In regards to Claude Hopper, I’d like to hear him sing anything. I saw them in June in Mt.Vernon- his mic’s volume was so low that I could barley hear him. I’ve noticed also on recordings of the Hoppers that he’s mixed pretty quiet. I’m wondering, does he lip-sinc?
    Seriously, any ideas on why his mic is consistently mixed at a low volume?

  11. Maybe he is just humble. 🙂

  12. I have heard CLAUDE, and he has a very nice voice.

  13. There are a lot of good songs,and artist out there.I would love for them to do soundtracks. Jesus help me to stand, by Alison Crouse, is a wonderful singer. Everyone can,t afford the full price of cds . Or a split version of the songs done as a soundtrack.There are a lot of elderly people that can barely put food on the table, that would enjoy hearing these gospel songs and the original artist.