Martins back on Homecoming Tour

Via Mark Lowry’s blog, it looks like the Martins are back on the Homecoming Tour, at least for some dates:

It’s so good to have The Martins on the Homecoming Tour. They’re singing better than ever. Jonathan played me six cuts from their upcoming project. I made him play them over about three times to make sure I was hearing right. I was. They’re terrific. Every song.

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  1. My wife and I attended Saturday’s performance in Fort Worth. Excellent! There were some absences; Jeff & Sherry Easter, Ivan Parker, EHSS to name a few. But the Martins were in fine form, and sang a song with a country “twang” that brought down the house.

  2. The ad for The Homecoming Tour in the May issue of Singing News lists The Martins as one of the performers.

    • I noticed their on the bill for the May 22nd date at Rupp Arena in Lexington. i can’t wait to hear them!!!

  3. It’s interesting about the homecoming tour. To be honest I wasn’t sure what the status of the homecoming tour was. The last couple of times I’ve attended, it has been the GVB alone. So it’s good to see some of the other artist coming around again.

  4. Whatever happened to the martins in the first place? Seems they “went away” for a while.

    • Robin – they did disband for ~5-7 years;