14 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Not much on there for the Talley Trio.

    • That one’s pretty easy to explain. They only had a table project out, and while Lauren Talley’s solo CD should produce several strong radio singles, it came out after the nominating period.

      • Ah, good point, Daniel.

  2. Any thoughts on the lack of Mark Trammell in the baritone category? Shocker…

    • He probably hasn’t emphasizing selling SN subscriptions in his product pitch as much this year.

      (No, seriously.)

      • I hear ya.

        Doug Anderson? Good singer, but I never would have guessed the SN demographic would have voted him over Mark.

        Oh well…I’m looking forward to a powerhouse MTQ release that will be all over the awards next year.

      • I’m looking forward to their next project, too!

        I think Doug Anderson has been good enough / consistent enough for long enough that he’s winning over more traditional fans.

      • Yes, that it true…amazing how subscription sales plays into it!

      • Well, if you think about it, there are a number of groups who have solid, nationwide fan bases.

        Of those groups, it would make sense that the ones who are most effective at getting their strong fans signed up for the Singing News would be the ones to do the best in the awards.

  3. Doug is good, but so are others. However Mark Trammell should be nominated.
    He also should win.

    • Doug has been underrated and in some senses under-utilized in the recent EHSS lineup, possibly because Ryan, though not scoring so high in the ‘stage presence’ stakes, was/is actually a very solid tenor lead. I still much prefer the previous EHSS line up, but perhaps Doug’s voice is a better ‘fit’ in the present arrangement and so he is coming to the fore again.

      If you check out the ORIGINAL EHSS line up in Signature Sound on – “Calvary Answers For Me” with Shane Dunlap on lead Doug blends beautifully. Still their best project from a ‘message-in-song’ point of view!

      Doug deserves his nomination, it would be nice to see him win the category this time round.

      • Mark, in my opinion, is the baritone all other baritones are measured by. He is the epitome of class, dignity, and hitting the note in the middle. Consistant. Solid. The best.

        That being said, Doug Anderson is a great singer. I like the “soul” in his singing. He is, in my opinion, the best singer in EHSS.

        I am sad to see Mark left off the list. I am happy to see Doug on the list.

      • Interesting that you would say that about Doug being under-utilized, because I’ve always thought the opposite! It seems to me like Doug has carried quite a few EHSS songs over the years, more than Ryan even. Just a few that come to mind:

        Had It Not Been
        Come Make A Place
        Forgiven Again
        Until We Fly Away
        Swinging On the Golden Gate
        Thank God for Kids

  4. I too was so surprised that Mark Trammell’s name did not appear. He is the best! Also, I do think Doug Anderson is good.