The Best Lineup that Never Was: Inspirations

Last week, I premiered my series on “the best lineup that never was,” picking singers who never sang with a group who nonetheless could carry on that group’s sound. Last week’s feature was on the Kingsmen; this week, we turn to the Inspirations.

Tenor: Dallas Rogers
Lead: Dean Hopper
Baritone: Steve French
Bass: David Hester

Dallas Rogers does not quite have the twang Watkins has, but he does appear to emulate Watkins’ style well.

Dean Hopper is often overlooked as a lead singer due to singing a lead/baritone part in a family group, but he would do well in a quartet setting (and particularly here).

Steve French is a true baritone and has an accent close enough to be able to hold down the baritone part here.

Mike Holcomb was the hardest challenge here. No other bass singer comes particularly close to his sound. In all likelihood, if the Inspirations continue beyond Archie Watkins’ and Martin Cook’s retirement, Mike Holcomb will carry on the group name. But nonetheless, to complete the group, I had to find someone, and I believe David Hester could sing an Inspirations-style bass more than adequately.

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  1. That’s an enteresting lineup Daniel.

    I agree with you about Steve French. He would be good with the inspirations.

  2. Well, Daniel, you finally got your boy Dallas Rogers in the Inspirations!:-)

  3. Rumor had it a while back that Dallas was on his way to the Inspirations if/when Archie retired. Maybe that will still be the case?? You never know!!

  4. I wonder if Ray Dean Reese would have been a better pick. He was asked to sing for them back at the beginning, and I’ve often wondered what would have happened had.