The Best Lineup that Never Was: Kingdom Heirs

I continue this weekly series with the best Kingdom Heirs lineup that never was:

Tenor: Brian Free
Lead: Ryan Seaton
Baritone: Melton Campbell
Bass: Christian Davis

Free’s style is closely akin to Billy Hodges, although I’ve probably reversed the order I should have said that (and compared Hodges to Free).

Over the last several years, Signature Sound’s Ryan Seaton has been developing and polishing a stage presence, range, and breath control that make him the closest modern-day equivalent I could think of to someone with the almost freak-of-nature abilities of Arthur Rice.

For some reason, Melton Campbell’s voice reminds me of Steve French’s. Both have a similar accent (at least to my Yankee ears), range, and pleasant tone.

Jeff Chapman is consistently in subwoofer territory, and from all I can hear is at the top of his game and right on target virtually every time he walks on stage. While other bass singers try for the same notes, few are as low as consistently. One of the few who can equal or surpass Chapman is Christian Davis, currently of Mercy’s Mark Quartet.

So there you have it: A group of four vocalists who have never sung with the Kingdom Heirs yet could preserve that Kingdom Heirs sound.

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  1. That’s a great line up Daniel.