The Best Lineup that Never Was: Couriers

My friend, blogger John Scheideman, borrowed the idea that I had yesterday and applied it to the Couriers. Here’s his best Couriers lineup that never was:

Tenor-Larry Ford
Lead-Neil Enloe (actually the Couriers lead)
Baritone-Mark Trammell
Bass-Tim Beitzel (with the modern-day Couriers Trio, but never with the Couriers Quartet)

I plan to post the regular installments of this series weekly, but I liked his lineup so much I decided to give it an honorary mention in my own series. (This isn’t an official entry, so I just might be re-using some of the singers here later!) Check out his post here.


I’m heading off to NQC shortly. My hotel does have Internet access, but you still might not hear from me until tomorrow morning. We’ll see!

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