Singing News Fan Awards 2007: My Guesses

Here is where I posted my picks for the 2007 Fan Awards. Now as to my guesses:

  • Group – Legacy Five. Add a Roger Bennett sympathy vote + the fact that Greater Vision isn’t in the top 5 + the fact that Live in Music City is simply a great project, and that looks positive to Legacy Five. But this award could really go to any of the top 5, although I’d view Legacy Five, Inspirations, and Signature Sound as the three most likely winners.
  • Male Singer – Gerald Wolfe.
  • Female Singer – Libbi Perry Stuffle. I know this has been a rebuilding year for the Perrys, but I guessed Libbi anyhow.
  • Horizon Group – Ball Brothers. (Also my vote.)
  • Horizon Individual – Dustin Sweatman. (Also my vote.)
  • Young Artist – Joseph Habedank. (Also my vote.)
  • Musician – Roger Bennett. We’ll see.
  • Songwriter – Rodney Griffin. I must admit I’m hoping for a Dianne Wilkinson win.
  • Album of the Year: Live in Music City (Legacy Five). Add it being Roger Bennett’s last album to the fact that it’s simply a great project, and I think you might have a winner.
  • Tenor of the Year: Ernie Haase. (Second guess: Brian Free.)
  • Lead Singer of the Year: Gerald Wolfe. I voted for Arthur Rice, though, and he deserves to win one of these years.
  • Baritone of the Year: Mark Trammell. (Second guess: Rodney Griffin.)
  • Bass of the Year: Tim Duncan. I consider this a wide-open category where anyone could win, but I just decided to guess for the man who got my vote.
  • Alto of the Year: Libbi Perry Stuffle. (She’s also who I voted for.)
  • Soprano of the Year: Kim Hopper. (She’s also who I voted for.)
  • Song: “I Have Not Forgotten” (Inspirations). Though “Once Upon a Cross” is the song that I want to see win, I really like this song, too…and a song at this level, that gets even people who hate the Inspirations humming along, stands a chance.

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  1. Those are great guesses Daniel.

  2. “I Have Not forgotten”…wow!
    I have never been more surprised…but you called it.
    …and didn’t they do a fantastic presentation of the tune!?!
    Take THAT “DH”…ha!

  3. “…that gets even people who hate the [sic] Inspirations humming along…”

    Who hates The Inspirations?! I know that not everyone are fans of the group, but they are among the most respected men in the industry. Maybe I’m subject to my self-induced denial/naivety–as I am a big, big fan–but I didn’t realize there are Inspirations-haters!

    You’ve piqued my curiosity now…I would appreciate more elaboration from you. Nice blog, by the way 🙂


  4. William,

    Unfortunately, there are several individuals I have encountered–some of whom even run blogs–who cannot find *anything* positive to say about the Inspirations. But I’d rather not give them the publicity of a link.

  5. Kudos to you for being a gentleman and not giving them “the publicity of a link,” but I am interested still in knowing what it is, exactly, that these individuals find either so offensive, unprofessional, or just plain bad about them. Feel free to email me directly if you like…that way you won’t have to post any such comments online.

    On a completely separate note, I’d like to say that it is most refreshing to have someone of your level of education and discernment both critiquing and commenting on the subject of Southern Gospel Music. Keep up the good fight!


  6. Thank you, William!