NQC 2007: Thursday: Singing News Fan Awards

The Fan Awards started out with the Sevier Heights choir singing “I’ve Got a Song to Sing,” with guest appearances by Karen Peck, Mark Bishop, and Lauren Talley.

A list of awards is here, so there is no need to re-type it. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] Artists performed their top 10 songs as usual; Legacy Five, the Mark Trammell Trio, and the Inspirations got the strongest audience reactions.

A few highlights:

Nick Trammell definitely had the applause / laugh line of the night. He said: “I’d like to thank Tracy and Libbi for giving the opportunity that my own father wouldn’t give me.” The Perrys hired him as a baritone; Mark Trammell has hired non-family members for his own group, the Mark Trammell Trio.

Beyond any doubt, the big moment of the show was when Roger Bennett’s name was called as Favorite Musician of the Year. Debbie Bennett’s remarks sounded as though she’d put some thought into them, but that is as likely because of the general expectation–at least by the time NQC rolled around–that Roger would win as anything else.

Also, my informal polling of random attendees after the show confirmed that the big surprise of the night was the Booth Brothers’ win as group of the year. Not too many people saw that one coming; in hindsight, it is more understandable, given that some people simply prefer the trio format to the quartet format, and they only had one group to pick this year. The Booths are still enjoying the success from “He Saw it All,” but to maintain their position as the reigning group of the year will have to produce more songs of like caliber.

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  1. I was very pleased with most of the awards given out at NQC last night. I personally believed Libbi Stuffle should have won favorite female singer, but maybe she is just MY favorite female singer. I was beyond excited to see I Have Not Forgotten win Song of the Year!!! Ricky Atkinson (the writer) is a magnificent songwriter and singer and I know he had to be blown away when they won. I love the way he told the story behind the song when they accepted the award. That was great!!

    I saw Ricky Atkinson & Compassion sing Tuesday night. They have changed out some group members, but I thought it was the best sound they have ever had. Before, everyone sang really low and now they have a brighter sound. I have always loved to hear Scott Thomas sing and his wife is really good too (although I had not heard her before). Maybe next year they will be recognized for more than just one award!! They were better live than any group that sung Tuesday night. They have a sincere and exciting stage presence and I LOVED it!!

  2. I also heard Ricky Atkinson & Compassion. I have never been a huge fan in the past, but I am now!!! They were great and his song definitely deserved the award. Congrats, Ricky!!!!

  3. Daniel, How do you feel since the Perrys didn’t receive any awards this year? Just wondering, knowing that you really like them…

  4. Paul, I was disappointed that Libbi didn’t win at least the alto award. But I was thrilled that Nick Trammell won favorite young artist.

  5. That’s right…Nick did win. I forgot. That’s great for him being relatively new in the business. I have heard good things about him.

  6. You’ll get the chance to hear for yourself soon!

  7. I agree that I saw the Booth Brothers’ award as a surprise, but to me, the bigger surprise was Tenor. Now I love Greater Vision – in fact I’m going to see them next week – but I don’t consider Jason to be one of the greatest tenors. I would have picked them (from the top 5) in this order: Ernie Haase, Frank Seamans, Brian Free, Jason Waldroup. (I can’t remember who the fifth nominee was!) 🙁
    I was pretty happy with the outcome of the Awards, though more than one were a surprise to me. 😀