NQC 2007: Wrap-up

I intentionally wrote my blog posts before reading what other commentators said, so that my opinions were genuinely my own. (I did talk a few things over with Adam Edwards, but I still wrote my posts before reading his.)

With that in mind, with an event of the magnitude of NQC, there are untold dozens of details I didn’t catch. Here’s a round-up of some of the most notable highlights I didn’t cover:

  • Adam Edwards has a funny story about being mistaken for an artist.
  • One of the highlights of the Singing News Fan Awards was when Eric Phillips, Joseph Habedank, Scott Inman, Jeremy Liles, and Josh Singletary sang a song together. They were an excellent lineup with an even better blend, and in that light Danny Jones’ post mentioning a rumor that they’re thinking of hitting the road is interesting. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] I’d hate to see them leave their respective groups, since several of them are their groups’ strongest vocalists, but there is really no reason why they couldn’t record a CD and perform ten or fifteen dates per year. I figure if Jones mentions the possibility, it’s either certain not to happen or nearly a done deal. But a special-event group (like the Five Broke Single Boys of a few years back) would be a happy medium.
  • Here’s a Musicscribe post with one of the photos from the bloggers conference; I plan to post more later, once I can get my hands on them! [EDIT, 6/6/12: Broken link removed.]
  • Gospelmusicfan has some good ideas for the exhibit hall, namely to expand the hours during the daytime, and close it at midnight on Friday. Having all the exhibitors (who stay) in the main hall for the final night would almost ensure a packed house. As it is, many people, including me, look for any group we can possibly miss on Saturdays to catch up on those last few purchases.

And finally, the highlight of the week: There were many things I enjoyed, such as the Mark Trammell Trio / Perrys finale on Thursday and the Singing News Fan Awards. But the highlight was Friday’s Artist Spotlight showcase that featured the Collingsworths, the Browns, and a couple of other groups. I already knew how good the Collingsworths were, but the Browns took me by surprise and absolutely blew me away. I was incredibly impressed and purchased everything on their table–hardly my typical reaction on hearing a group for the first time.

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