Launching Reference

Over the weekend, I launched a new section of the site, Reference – /reference/. The initial concept is to make available some of the research documents I’d prepared to help with my commentary here, but perhaps over time the concept will grow to include other interesting and useful content.

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2 Letters to the Editor

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  1. June 2010 #1 – McKameys’ “I Keep Praying”

    Also – you need to include Karen Peck & New River in our Most #1’s list – they’ve had 7 (“God Likes to Work,” “Four Days Late,” “Hold Me While I Cry,” “Last Night,” “Hey,” and “Whispered Prayers”).

    You’re also missing 3 #1s from the Talley Trio after “The Debt” – “The Broken Ones,” “That’s Enough,” and “Life Goes On.”

    • Thanks! I’ll update the list with those.

      I started the list itself a few years ago, and I’m not too surprised that a couple of things didn’t get updated.