Randy Crawford returns to Kingsmen (at least for now)

Randy Crawford posted on his Facebook page (non-public link) that, come Thursday, he will once again be singing with the Kingsmen. He will at least be filling in and may end up as their permanent baritone. In the past, he sang with Brian Free and Assurance, got the job with the Kingsmen, and most recently returned to Brian Free and Assurance for about a year.

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  1. I heard that Jordan Lefevre was taking the job previously. Guess this is not the case anymore?

    • Jordan’s a drummer, is he not?

      • I guess you must’ve missed Jordan when he took the microphone from his dad on their main stage appearance at NQC 2009. Jordan has a very nice baritone voice – he sounds very much like his dad!!!

      • Yes, I must have! 🙂

        You know as well as just about anyone else that I was all over the place!

      • I made a video of it!!!

      • Ah . . . the post NQC, unpacking, recovering, coverage overload!

  2. hey that’s great, hope it works out for everyone.

  3. I had heard Jordan LeFevre’s name come up as well. He is a drummer, but he has a very similar voice quality to that of his dad. (Mike LeFevre)

  4. Daniel, your counter seems to be off.

    • I know. I deleted a comment and WordPress has been dreadfully confused ever since!

  5. “He is a past Kingsmen member, before his two tenures with Brian Free and Assurance.”

    Minor point…he was actually with the Kingsmen/Carolina Boys between his two stints with BF&A.

    • Ah. You got me there. I’ll fix it – thanks!

  6. The Kingsmen Fan page on Facebook seems to have clarified a few things…

    “The Kingsmen would like to thank Bradley Querry of Charleston,
    WV for lending his talents for the past 3
    weeks singing baritone. Former Kingsmen; Randy Crawford will be singing with us as we continue our search. The Kingsmen are; Ray Reese-Bass, Bryan Hutson-Lead, Harold Reed-Tenor, Brandon Reese-Sound and Cody
    McVey-Piano Player.”


  7. Seems like there’s been a lot of cases in the last few months where people are using facebook to make posts that are premature, inappropriate, or awkward. I think folks in the public eye, including SG groups and individuals, need to be careful what they decide to post on that platform.

    I got rid of my facebook page about a year ago because I was getting tired of what it had turned into: a place for people to know everything about everybody. There are things I don’t want to know about other people, and certainly things I don’t want them to know about me. I just feel like the notion of privacy and decency are fading away these days, and social networking sites are a significant reason. A lot of things people are posting are just better left unsaid.