Aaron Swain finds new Inspirations videos

Aaron Swain tracked down no less than ten videos of the new Inspirations lineup with Jodi Hosterman, and has them in a post on his blog here. [EDIT, 2/22/13: Broken link removed.]┬áCheck out the full list on his site; here’s one highlight:

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  1. I guess Martin is dealing with losing Archie!

  2. I love it, on one of the videos, when Myron takes the piano from Martin. Great!

    • Or, maybe that isn’t Myron after watching the video again. Anyone know? “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More!”

      • Nope is wasn’t Myron!

      • Yes – I don’t think Myron plays piano. I’m guessing it was Luke Vaught, who plays pretty much anything. I think he was on steel most of that concert – first time I’d seen that.

      • When I saw them a few months ago, Luke played piano on a couple of songs and played the fire out of it. It was Inspirations-style piano, but a lot fuller than Martin’s. Very impressive, and I thought it seemed that Martin was grooming a replacement. I believe he is, at the oldest, 17 or so.

      • Actually, he just finished his freshman year of college. He just looks young!

        On the other hand, Martin and Myron have always looked older than their age…

  3. The other instrumentalist is indeed Luke Vaught.

    Check out the user’s other videos; he uploaded the entire concert. I just chose the ones that featured Jodi or would emphasize the impact he has on their sound on songs that are known to have Archie/Dallas on them.

  4. Dealing With Gold is much stronger than when i heard it a couple weeks ago. I applaud the hard work!!!!