Sony’s Thoughts: Proactive Fighting

I started a new book the other day and came across the following sentence: “ The Church is not here just to defend against the attacks of the devil and establish our own safe havens; we are here on earth to attack and tear down his strongholds, releasing as many souls from his grip as possible” (from Breaking the Power of Evil by Rick Joyner). In a battle, if the warriors spent the whole time defending themselves, they would be quickly beaten down and trampled. And so it is in our spiritual battles.

As we begin each day, the first thing we do should be to report to our Commander in Chief and ask Him what He would like us to do with our day or who He would like us to intercede for. Then begin to move forward in faith and victory. For those who have jobs, most of the time God would not tell you to skip work but He may direct you to talk to someone you don’t usually talk to or to take a different route to work. You never know what God may say but, when you’re fighting for Him and heeding His orders, you will win the battle. When you live life that way, you won’t be beaten down by the enemy. Yes, you’ll still get attacked and those attacks may increase as the enemy sees you gaining ground but you will have the strength to stand due to staying active and alert and not becoming sluggish.


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